Power Rankings: Week 1

A Division

1: Saucy Posse (1-0): Well that was a dominant opening night statement. Nut Sauce was a beast with a 238.5 average, but what about Shirley at 233? Oh and they added The Dirty Lew, and she averaged 197…which was worst on the squad. Stuffed Crust at 211! Mater at 217?!?! These guys look like a real contender to save me some wall space.

2. LOS (1-0): I think we can disregard their scores all year, we know who they are. They went undefeated and won it all last year, and shouldn’t see any serious roadblocks until mid April (there’s your locker room material Sultans, DHD, GOB, Guac, etc.)

3. Bingas (1-0): That was quite a how-do-ya-do from the yellow and black. Tso at 241, G Boi 221 and Jerk 218 is a hell of a start. These guys didn’t make any high profile signings, but may have already had everything they needed in the clubhouse.

4. Oddballs (0-1): I look like an ESPN guy ranking SEC teams too high even with losses, but they lost by a pin to one of the greatest team performances in BoPo history. Oh, and they did it without offseason pickup All Day Lemay. They’ll be just fine.

5. DHD (1-0): Plenty of 1-0 teams, so giving the 5th spot to the one with the highest remaining team average. Great start for Dr. Moose.

6 Sultans (1-0) , 7 BEER (1-0) , 8 Sharks (0-1), 9 Guacabowle (1-0), 10 Pindecent Exposure (1-0)

…we’ll see Shake N Bake and XXX Club next week

B Division

1: Strikes on Tap (1-0): No surprise here, they are loaded. Phil Frames and La Femme lead the way. These guys will be tough to beat.

2. Strikes of Hazzard (1-0): The big signings of same A talent paid off. La Ga could be the first ever to win an MVP and a B-MVP

3. Stranger Pins (1-0): Really solid win over Wrecking Balls in their first game as a franchise.

4. Bowl Trolls (0-0): They lost Savvy and Poo Ber, but let’s give the defending champs a little credit at least. They have two banners after all.

5. NED (1-0): Could this be a bounce back year for NED? They did pull off the TOTY last year but not many bowling wins. Burt and Trash are a potent 1-2 B punch.

6 FC Portland (1-0), 7 Wrecking Balls (0-1), 8 Minds in the Gutter (1-0), 9 Party Mix (1-0), 10 Granola (1-0)

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