All Day Division Stats

1Buck RipcordCake Balls17207.38
2Tommy GunzzBowlers of the Hidden Temple15196.86
3Herb’n LegendWet Ass Balls15192.14
4Cracker JackStrike  Gold15187.45
5Master SplinterOff the Top Rope14186.66
6Squeaky GOff the Top Rope16183.34
7Putt Putt PassMagic’s Gathering14180.43
8G-ForceDream Team16176.02
9Jr HossCake Balls13173.83
10Capt Spare-OCake Balls15173.81
11Mr FloridaWet Ass Balls13168.7
12General TsoThunder Buddies16168.62
13All Day LemayXXX Shooters15167.1
14GlossyBowlers of the Hidden Temple14166.91
15DeputyTecmo Bowl15166.61
16Boom HammerXXX Shooters12166.31
17Buff BroadwayCake Balls3165.0
18SquatchBowlers of the Hidden Temple14164.41
19Cro MagnonXXX Shooters15164.22
20FlatlineThunder Buddies14164.0
21NuggetWet Ass Balls16162.11
22MagicMagic’s Gathering13160.72
23ClevelandMagic’s Gathering14159.71
24Dick WhitmanThunder Buddies16155.5
25Tommy TorpedoWet Ass Balls13154.2
26G UnitDream Team15153.7
27SparetimeOff the Top Rope13152.9
28Polly MetroOff the Top Rope13152.7
29Capt InsanalXXX Shooters14152.61
30Tilt-a-WhirlOff the Top Rope18151.4
31Shooter Mc GillDream Team8151.0
32Biscuit WheelsMagic’s Gathering12146.1
33Kelly KabowlskiThunder Buddies17146.01
34Dick  Du JourTecmo Bowl16145.3
35Ice Ice MaryStrike  Gold11144.9
36EggrollDream Team12144.41
37SnapshotCake Balls13142.4
38Lil Mo InkStrike  Gold17142.1
39Hakeem BowlajuwonDream Team15141.8
40ChattyBowlers of the Hidden Temple12141.5
41Plan DWet Ass Balls14139.6
42Smash JacksonBowlers of the Hidden Temple14139.2
43Ric SpairStrike  Gold10139.0
44Beer HunterTecmo Bowl14138.4
45InfernoMagic’s Gathering11134.6
46CupcakeCake Balls10134.2
47SledgehammerWet Ass Balls12134.1
48Big PartyStrike  Gold17133.1
498-BitXXX Shooters14131.7
50HollywoodOff the Top Rope10130.3
51Sparesi LannisterMagic’s Gathering13129.7
52King LettuceThunder Buddies12128.1
53Fisher PriceTecmo Bowl17126.9
54Potato ThumbTecmo Bowl12125.9
55Red XXXXXX Shooters14125.7
56Bates MasterBowlers of the Hidden Temple15123.3
57El MangoStrike  Gold14122.7
58Le FemmeDream Team17121.8
59CrowbarThunder Buddies9120.3
60Dinah Mo HummmmMagic’s Gathering7119.4
61Titty Titty Bang BangCake Balls12113.8
62David BowlieTecmo Bowl10113.2

2 thoughts on “All Day Division Stats

  1. Hey all – it would be helpful in doing the stats if you actually left the scoresheets at the front desk. Otherwise I will start making up your scores and trust me you will not like what I make up. I will make your averages so low that Pineapple’s and Bowl Murray’s averages will start to look like they are ready for the PWBA. 🙂

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