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    1. Same here. I am going to ask Charlie on Thursday if there are any slots open for another team and will let you know what I find out.

  1. Hey friends it’s your favorite Cupcake!

    My team is out for 2021 and I just want to keep rolling! Looking for a Tuesday team that enjoys having fun, beef jerky, and boozy cupcakes!

  2. Hey gang! My Tuesday A team is not returning this season, so I am open and available to roll on Tuesday or Thursday! I am a good bowler and a great time 🍍

      1. I think we should. Is there any criteria for playing on Thursday vs. Tuesday? It sounds like you can’t play Tuesday.

  3. Boom Hammer here… rolling a 165+ in draft. Looking for a Thursday night team! Can’t currently do Tuesday

  4. Comander Striker here. Currently averaging about 150 in draft league looking for either Tuesday or Thursday. Down to have fun and slay some Pins

  5. El Mango here. Averaging like a 130 in draft league. Can do better depending on the pattern . Let me know if you need somebody for either day

  6. Hello BoPo! Mmm Waffles here….Whoomp has decided not to come back this year so looking for a Team to pick me up OR let’s get a team of Misfits together…..OBO or let me know when ya see me

    1. I am looking for a Bopo team for the next season. I only average slightly over 100, but I am working hard to improve and I love to have fun.

  7. I am looking to join a team for at least this upcoming BoPo season. My team will be taking the year off but I would like to get back to bowling. I would prefer Tuesdays but might be able to make Thursdays work.


  8. Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure (interpret as necessary) of meeting many BoPo-ers, and even work with several. Looking for a BoPo home if anyone is looking for a drinker… I mean bowler!

  9. this is the UNRETIRED MR. FLORIDA. I am looking for a home on the upcoming BOPO LEAGUE. Just remember ” i’m not as good as I once was but i’m as good once as I ever was”

  10. If anyone is looking for a bowler to finish out this league season and beyond, I’m available whenever, wherever!

  11. I recently moved back to Portland from San Diego after 5 years. I am looking to get back into bowling and I am a 160 average. Does anyone have a spot on their team open and looking for a bower? Let me know

  12. 170 avg. Casco Bay guy looking to roll In the big leagues. Fun, enthusiastic and looking to have a great time.

      1. Yes – I need you for my new team. We can talk next time you come in to practice – I am the bowler with the purple hair at the front desk – in case you did not know who I was…. See you on the lanes

  13. Hi, looking to get back into the league. My average has fluctuated between 196 and more likely 140ish. I may not have the best reputation but rest assured, I’m now on medication and promise to behave myself. Please consider me for any team(please lesbolians). I have a strong passion for the sport of drinking and also bowling as well. Thank you all for your consideration.

  14. Anyone still need a female? I struggled a bit this draft season with a 114 average even though I was on an awesome team, but my average on several Casco Bay leagues is usually in the 130 range. Let me know

    1. Kybowl is a cool lady and great teammate. She was on our draft league team and started to really find her line at the end of the season.

      1. T$…are you leading a double life…are you on this site looking for something new….tell me what I need to do to make you happy….I’ll to anything….let’s give us one more try…..

      2. Hi Viking, judging from the SKOL brand I have on my pecs I think I would be foolish to stray – I still don’t know how you convinced us all to do that. Just trying to help a fellow draft league teammate find a good home 🙂

  15. Ball That is looking for a guy and possibly another girl to join us on Tuesday B. We’re out there to have a good time, winning is always a bonus.

    1. Hey! I played in Tuesday B last season and am looking for a team. Feel free to reach out to me on facebook @Robert Chason.

  16. Brownmichaelcox

    I have a small average but it does not stop me from finding the pocket. I can hit the pocket for long periods of hours and can recover after a few minutes. I consider myself a bowling unicorn because I like to swing both ways…because I can also bowl two handed. It will not stop me from playing with your thumbhole. Not looking for anything serious, just casual fun and have someone come over to bowl an chill with. Maybe split a bowl of tots to get freak nasty with. Not here for a long time, only here for a good time.

  17. Jail Bait (dude jr) here looking for a BOPO team (Tuesday pref) hovering around a 175 avg in draft

    1. As with most online advertising – yours is a tad misleading – the reason you can’t be on MY team is cause you can’t bowl on Thursday Nights. I am sure you will find a Tuesday team but you won’t have a much fun as you would have had on my team.

  18. Island Boy again, still looking for a BoPo team to bring my dumb energy to. Finished draft with a 145 average and tracking upwards. You can reach out to me on facebook @Robert Chason.

  19. 33/m/Scarborough

    Looking for a team for the upcoming BOPO season. My previous team had a team member return that I was playing for. Currently playing on the Flock in draft league.

    My average is currently at 182. Will buy beers, and give tons of high fives.


    1. BoPo captains, I can’t say enough good things about playing with Flatline this draft season!

      Good guy, good bowler, and he could hang partying with DDJ, Sparks and the rest of Flock, so he’ll fit right in with a fun, competitive team.

  20. I’m Tom I have 75 sanctioned 300s, I am a 2 handed bowler and just moved here from Norway. I’ve heard a lot about Bowl Portland and would love to be on a team.

    I can be reached at


    1. Dear Tom,

      Pinder is not a tool for your lonely, late afternoon taint licking rants. If you are a lady, average bros are willing to sign you taint unseen…

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