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  1. Might of already posted new to this, but playing in the bopo draft league currently. Looking to play through winter if any teams have availability Would love to play with your team!


  2. Bowling 4v4 draft league at the moment, would love to continue through winter, and looking for a team. You can’t go wrong how has a bowiling name of WVmothman!

    Thanks travis(WVmothman)

    25Male seeking bowling team

    Bowled 3v3 this summer and bowling draft league now. Decent bowler, even better haircut.

  4. I am looking to get back into BoPo and figure it’s never too early to start looking for a team to join. It’s been a while but I was an OG Turkey Club member before breaking off to form Ball That. Ball That disbanded during covid and life has been busy since with another little one added to my family. A couple years have passed and I’ve decided I’ve gone long enough without league bowling. I know it’ll take a little bit of time to shake the rust off but I’d like to say my average will be around 175. I have no preference on day just looking to get out and have fun

    1. Hello Samsquapch. Sultans of Swing have an opening if you’re interested. We are Thursday A. A no pressure, have fun team 🙂


      1. I’m currently looking for a team names Travis would love to play with you through winter if you have availability.

  5. Hi, looking to join a BoPo team. My current average is 160. If anyone needs a female bowler, please let me know. I have bowled one season on BoPo and one draft league in the past. Thanks, Lisa McDermott (Wolf)

    1. Hey Wolf, Island Boy (Rob Chason) here – Bowl Trolls are looking for another female. Tuesday B, fun squad, have a couple of B banners and looking to add to the collection. Let me know if you’re interested!

      1. Hi Rob Chason, thanks for your response. I would like to join your team. Please let me know the details and how to contact you.
        Thanks, Lisa McDermott (Wolf)

    2. Hello Wolf. BILF has an any-gender opening. We are a Tuesday B dogfight-party team. Interests include: Golden Girls, McGillicuddy, and what-have-you’s.

    3. Hey Lisa – you can find me on facebook under my name or you can shoot me a text anytime at 207 274 8706

  6. Hey everyone! It’s been a minute. Just throwing this out there, Slugga the orphan is looking for a return to Bopo. I’m fun loving, competitive and loyal. Some of the Bayside folks can vouch for me. My Thursday B team broke up after 3 of us had kids during covid and Rufio moved away. Kinda like the summer of 69. Anyway let me know if you need a solid team mate or a sub, probably a 165+ avg but capable of a 189, 220+ night depending on various factors.

  7. Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father – prepare to die!

    As usual, I’m a little late on finding things out. I’m looking to find a Tuesday team if there are any available openings!

    Winning Teams:

    2018 Winter Casco Bay Division C Champs!
    2022 Winter Casco Bay Division A Champs!
    2022 Spring Casco Bay Division A Runner Ups! (We only lost be less than 30 pins, but who’s counting?)
    2022 BoPo Draft League…Champs??? TBD if the Lobster Pound will bring everybody to Pound Town!

    Other Info:

    Bought my first ball and started hooking (not like Randy does for cheeseburgers) January of 2022
    Attended first PBA Pro Week in July ’22 (best week ever)
    High Game in BoPo Draft League (for now): 244
    Taking lessons with El Nino since Sept. ’22
    Joined USBC sanctioned league in Lewiston – Industrial League (Sept. ’22)
    2 Bowling tourneys under my belt (WBT Thailand 39′; FDDS One Ball Brawl)
    Will attend Storm Latino clinic in Arlington, Texas at the ITRC on Oct. 26
    Will compete in Dallas Super Cup Oct. 27-29

    Hope something works out!

    – Inigo Montoya / Elliot / Hambone Henry / T Dawg / T Money / Trevor

  8. I’m looking to join a Bopo team on Thursday’s. Is anyone needing me! Thanks. Susie Striker.

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