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BoPo Just on Hold

Hey BoPo, just wanted to clarify a few things. The 2020 BoPo season is not done, we will still be playing for a banner. The plan is one (to two) weeks of regular season whenever we return, followed by a modified playoffs. We will also still be doing doubles and king/queen shit. Obviously things willContinue reading “BoPo Just on Hold”

BoPo Wings

Well, we’re doing it.  Next week we will offer wings for takeout on Tuesday 3/31 and Thursday 4/2.  We are not implementing any sort of full service takeout operation so the process is a bit clunky.  Here’s how it will work. Email your order to wings@baysidebowl.com 10 for $15 (+tax) or 20 for $25 (+tax),Continue reading “BoPo Wings”


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