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The New Roster Rules

BoPo XV Teams need to qualify at least six players for the playoffs, with a minimum of two women.  Ten games are required for playoff eligibility, and you can qualify as many different players as you want.  In the regular season, standard lineup rules apply.  In the playoffs teams must play at least 6 playersContinue reading “The New Roster Rules”

BoPo Preseason Baker Tourney

We’ve got some space left for next Tuesday’s event (Dec 7). Fee is $50 per team. Bring your BoPo team together for a night of hanging out and bowling to launch season 15! Email me at bowlportland@gmail.com to sign up, going to close registration very soon.

BoPo Bonus Games

Hey folks, we are looking at 26 Tuesday teams and 28 Thursday teams. We will need to have two games a week on an off night. Would you prefer Friday nights at 6, or Sunday mornings at 11?

Playoff Info

Hey y’all, with only two weeks left many have asked about playoff stuff, and having it on a different tab on this site hasn’t seemed to do the trick. So, here you go. Top 7 teams teams from each division make championship playoffs. Teams 2-7 play at 5:30 on November 16th, winners play again late,Continue reading “Playoff Info”

It Has Begun

We are back! Unreal to have all 20 lanes going, fantastic DJing, and a scoreable pattern! Flatline is doing stats and standings for me and I’ll get them posted today. If the basic stas aren’t enough for you, you can go to his advanced sabermetric superanalysis at https://scottpnevers.wixsite.com/bopostats


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