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BoPo 2021

Here’s where we’re at right now on teams. If there is still a curfew in January then we will get very creative in the schedule and there will be lots of Friday. Saturday and Sunday games. The teams in italics are unpaid so I’m not 100% sure on those. Looking forward to January! Tuesday AContinue reading “BoPo 2021”

Draft League Semis

Thursday we crown a champion and say goodbye to Earl. (Technically you’ll have two more days to bowl this pattern if you’re a masochist). On one half of the bracket we’ve got everyone’s preseason favorite Make Your Mark 300 Proof, playing Bowlers of the Hidden Temple. MYM features most of Skol, and for good measureContinue reading “Draft League Semis”

Playoff Schedule

Early: West: Tales From The Pit vs Turkey Shooters West: Balls of The Cave of the Hidden Temple East: Off the Top Rope vs Blue Dream East: Cakeballs 3 vs Double Deuce Late: West: Spare My Broken Hole vs winner Cakeballs/Double Deuce West: Make Your Mark 300 vs winner Off the Top Rope/Blue Dream East:Continue reading “Playoff Schedule”


Hey Ding Dongers!  We made it to the end of our regular season without incident, and that is something to be proud of in these weird times.  Congrats to all for playing by the rules and allowing everyone a fun Thursday night all fall.  Wasn’t the same as previous years, but was by far myContinue reading “LINES!”


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