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Lane Assignments

The schedule has been updated to include which side of the building your games are on, so you can see each week and practice accordingly if you want. Good luck out there

Week 3 Lines

Hey Ya’ll, Baby Beluga here with the All Day Division Lines. Before I get into it I guess I’ll reiterate on Bayside’s behalf, keep your masks on! It’s not that difficult. Like Peach Tree (Captain Joe) says, if someone can bowl a 300 with their mask on then there’s no excuses. Yes this pattern is discouraging butContinue reading “Week 3 Lines”


Hey y’all, not sure why this is an issue. If you really don’t want to wear masks, talk to me and I will happily give you a refund. I’ll follow up with a few of you who had some problems with things tonight. I don’t enjoy being in a confrontational position with customers, frankly itContinue reading “Masks”

Week Two Lines

We’re on to Week 2! That was a wild week but hoping to see everyone rebound a bit. A few notes first: Please wait for your game in the mezzanine or one of the tables on West side, not standing at the rails. After games if you’d like to hang out, the mezz will beContinue reading “Week Two Lines”


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A place to swipe left or right for new teammates, or sell yourself as a free agent .