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Draft Results!

ROUND 1 ROUND 2 ROUND 3 ROUND 4 ROUND 5 1 Nut Sauce General tsoooo Hot Gravy Bora Bora Whiskey Pete Lefty 2 Hungus Nugget Iceberg John MacEnroll Garlic Jones Lil Kimchi 3 Herb’n Legend All Day Squatch Cookie Get tha meat Luna 4 Putt Putt Jelly Swirl Malcolm Beer Hunter Fisherprice God of ThunderContinue reading “Draft Results!”

Draft League Info

Hey y’all, the site is open again! I always try to get away from using social media to communicate to BoPo but it’s so damn easy. Damn you Zuckerburg! I’m going to get back t posting on here more regularly, maybe just maybe bringing back lines. Draft League is like classic BoPo, with a muchContinue reading “Draft League Info”


The first few spots have been locked up. Lions Den are TH 14 in A. Strikes on Tap are T1 in B, FC Portland are TH1 in B, and Bad News Spares are TH12 in B. Those teams have been placed on the playoff schedule, the rest will be filled in as games determine seedings.Continue reading “Playoffs”


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A place to swipe left or right for new teammates, or sell yourself as a free agent