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It Has Begun

We are back! Unreal to have all 20 lanes going, fantastic DJing, and a scoreable pattern! Flatline is doing stats and standings for me and I’ll get them posted today. If the basic stas aren’t enough for you, you can go to his advanced sabermetric superanalysis at https://scottpnevers.wixsite.com/bopostats

Last Lines

All sorts of milestones this week in BoPo.  Final regular season games, capping a season we all weren’t sure about, but we made it through an early scare and made it!  Playoffs starting Tuesday, capping with the finals on April 17.  King and Queenshit and Doubles qualifying ongoing.  And rumor has it there will be a podcast recorded thisContinue reading “Last Lines”

Penultimate Thursday

Hey now!  Where has the time gone??  Already closing in on the end of the season with only two weeks left to go before the playoffs! Been a blast so far, lets keep it up.  As the brilliant Lauryn Hill said, “After Winter, Must Come Spring”, and we are certainly in that transition now.  BoPo playoffs, vaccinations on the rise (includingContinue reading “Penultimate Thursday”


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