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The first few spots have been locked up. Lions Den are TH 14 in A. Strikes on Tap are T1 in B, FC Portland are TH1 in B, and Bad News Spares are TH12 in B. Those teams have been placed on the playoff schedule, the rest will be filled in as games determine seedings.Continue reading “Playoffs”

Backfilling – Week 10 BOTW

Tuesday A: Dirty Lew, SauPo 232-194; Hungus, BEER 167-263 Tuesday B: Lil Lane Master, Stranger Pins 170-181-159; Honey Bear, Trolls 175-201-222 Thursday A: Couch, Sultans 268-227; Princess Pinnacle, Hooligans 195-142 Thursday B: Payday, Pinny Candy 189-205-188; Tilt A Whirl, Lesbowlians 192-148-147


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