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Return Of The Lines

Thanks Farmer. Hey everyone!  Happy New Year, and glad to say the lines are back for Thursday A (well, for all of Thursday I guess once the schedule gets finalized)! Pretty crazy start to the season, but I hope everyone has settled in, and is ready for a great BoPo season.  Lots of player movement,Continue reading “Return Of The Lines”

It Has Begun

It wasn’t smooth but BoPo XIV has launched! Most of the games took place, people were great about the saftey procedures, and now hopefully we can start settling into a groove. The Thursday schedule will have a few changes here and there as the B division has been incorporated into A, but we will haveContinue reading “It Has Begun”

BoPo 2021

Here’s where we’re at right now on teams. If there is still a curfew in January then we will get very creative in the schedule and there will be lots of Friday. Saturday and Sunday games. The teams in italics are unpaid so I’m not 100% sure on those. Looking forward to January! Tuesday AContinue reading “BoPo 2021”

Draft League Semis

Thursday we crown a champion and say goodbye to Earl. (Technically you’ll have two more days to bowl this pattern if you’re a masochist). On one half of the bracket we’ve got everyone’s preseason favorite Make Your Mark 300 Proof, playing Bowlers of the Hidden Temple. MYM features most of Skol, and for good measureContinue reading “Draft League Semis”


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