This Is Not ‘Nam, There Are Rules

I will update this occasionally as rules questions come up throughout the season

UPDATE: Due to covid capacity restrictions and curfew, for the month of January we only have one shift, using every other pair.  All games are at 6pm.  BoPo has the whole place T/Th, and the whole East side on F/Su


Covid Updates:

  • Please do not wait for your game behind the lanes.  The mezzanine will be open on league nights, as well as five 4-top tables on West side.  Those are the only locations for pregame and postgame inside
  • Attendance limited to league members only.  If you have special circumstances let me know in advance
  • Masks required when not at a table
  • Please allow staff to sanitize the bowling area between games before your team heads to the lanes

Early Games – keep it moving:

Lanes open at 5:20, games start no later than 5:40,  but can begin as soon as both teams arrive. Please be respectful of the late games by playing your game on time.

The Basics:

  • Be nice
  • Three games of four on four each night, 15 points available (same scoring system as always)
  • Bowloffs are baker style, 5 on 5.  If a team only has 4 they can roll just 4, and the other team has a choice to match or stick with 5
  • Standings tiebreaker: 1) head to head (if a two way tie) 2) total points 3) one ball bowloff
  • Players can only play for one team in a season.  Anyone can sub but once they’ve subbed that is the on;y team they can roll with


  • All A division teams are in the A playoffs, all B teams in the B playoffs
  • Lowering the minimum qualifying games number to 9 this year due to crazy circumstances
  • Teams still must have minimum two playoff-eligible women to qualify for playoffs

DBAD: I’m adopting this one from Portland Ultimate.  Don’t be a dick (or dink).  It’s bowling.  If you get mad at yourself that’s fine, but if you attempt to intimidate other players in an unwelcome way, you will be suspended from the league. Enjoy yourself, have some fun.   Don’t kick the ball return.

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