This Is Not ‘Nam, There Are Rules

I will update this occasionally as rules questions come up throughout the season

Draft 2021

All games start at 6:30pm.  For game listed as “Friday’, Captains are free to reach out to me to schedule on any day of the week.

Top 7 teams in each division make the playoffs.  The winner of each division has a first round bye.  The remaining 12 teams will play at 5:30pm on 11/16 (practice at 5:15)  with winners advancing to quarterfinals the same night – all games on East side.  The teams that missed the playoffs will have a consolation bracket on the West side at 5:30pm  The semifinals are at 5:30pm on 11/23, and finals immediately after.

DBAD: I’m adopting this one from Portland Ultimate.  Don’t be a dick (or dink).  It’s bowling.  If you get mad at yourself that’s fine, but if you attempt to intimidate other players in an unwelcome way, you will be suspended from the league. Enjoy yourself, have some fun.   Don’t kick the ball return.

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