This Is Not ‘Nam, There Are Rules

I will update this occasionally as rules questions come up throughout the season

Draft 2023

Top 7 in each division make the playoffs, division winners get a playoff bye. There will be a losers’ tourney as well.

Subs are only allowed if a team can’t field a legal 4 player lineup. No subs will be allowed in the playoffs.

All rostered players present must play at least one game in playoff matches, but the BoPo ‘6-player’ playoff rule is not in effect since there is no taxi squad.


Teams need to qualify at least six players for the playoffs, with a minimum of two women.  Ten games are required for playoff eligibility, and you can qualify as many different players as you want.  In the regular season, standard lineup rules apply.  In the playoffs teams must play at least 6 players (minimum two women) to advance.  Teams can have two players on their Taxi Squad.  Those players can be playoff eligible with only three games, but can only play in the playoffs if one of the fully qualified players is absent. There will be no exemptions from the playoff rule, but there is plenty of notice.  You can qualify taxi squad players as late as the last week of the season, so cover your bases and have a backup plan.  If you do not have a minimum of six players (minimum two women) for your playoff game, you can enter a ‘0’ for the sixth bowler.  If you have more than 6 playoff eligible bowlers, you do not have to bowl everyone. CLARIFICATION: The six bowlers must bowl over the course of games 1 & 2.

The goal of this rule is to broaden the base of players who are in the league and to reward team depth.  It gives everyone an opportunity to contribute in the playoff run, and takes some of the pressure off the Captains worrying about whether they will play more of their team.

NEW: The El Niño proviso: No one who bowled in the Elias Cup playoffs the previous year is BoPo playoff eligible, but can bowl in the regular season.

DBAD: I’m adopting this one from Portland Ultimate.  Don’t be a dick (or dink).  It’s bowling.  If you get mad at yourself that’s fine, but if you attempt to intimidate other players in an unwelcome way, you will be suspended from the league. Enjoy yourself, have some fun.   Don’t kick the ball return.

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