BEER (13 points) vs Purple Haze (13)

Sibling rivalry as The Dude faces brother Hungus in this matchup of two teams that got off to fast starts.  Both teams have 13 points, so this is a great test for both.  BEER did have a far higher pin total in week 1, but the Pin Whisperer also had the game of a lifetime.  Expect a close one.  Prediction: BEER 9, Purple Haze 6


Binga’s Wingas (2) vs Derelicte My Balls (12)

On paper, this one looks like a blowout, but that’s why they play the games.  Binga’s only came up with two points in week 1, but they have a fluid roster and anyone could show up for a given week.  Bubbles’ squad came out strong in week one and now have a chance to prove it was no fluke.  Prediction: Balls 11 Binga’s 4

Off Constantly (8) vs 3 Livers (2)

The Boys of Off Constantly got a test in week one, edging out an 8-7 victory.  Now they face a team that had a much rougher week 1.  This looks like the week OC makes their move up the standings.  Unless of course the White Russians have any impact.  Prediction: OC 13 3 Livers 2

Happy Hands Productions (7) vs Saucy Posse (13)

A great showdown.  Happy Hands takes on another league Goliath, and hopes to welcome back half its roster.  The Posse came out swinging in week 1, but have yet to be tested.  Will HHP’s close game experience make the difference?  Prediction: Saucy Posse 9 HHP 6

Pinups (3) vs Spare Us (1)

Both of these teams look to get on track after slow starts.  For the Pinups, it’s put-up or shut up time.  For Spare Us, it’s a chance to put week one behind them and see if the team chemistry has started to come together.  Prediction: Pinups 10 Spare Us 5

Dirty Half Dozen (14) vs $3 Gutterballs (2)

DHD is alone in first and welcomes back Jeltz – rumored to be bolwing near 200 in Paris.  the Gutterballs faced adversity in week one with no captains, but look to have them both back this week.  Prediction: DHD 11 $3 Gutterballs 4

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