Bowler of The Week Interview: Week 4, Oz, off Constantly

BP:  So, you’ve been close to this honor many times. Were you thinking “always a bridesmaid, never the bride”?

Oz:  Oh definitely, and it was really starting to get to me.  No slight on the past winners, they were all worthy, but 2nd best is first loser, who remembers that guy??

BP:  As you know, your team colors were supposed to be white and red. How is white and black working out?

OC:  We were nervous when we found out in Week 1, it was a big hurdle to overcome on the opening night, and it showed in our performance.  Moreover, we had to burn the light blue bell-bottoms we bought to complete the Team America motif.  Let’s just say we’ve done our best to move past the issue…

BP:  How do you tell Tron and Number One apart?

OC:  Its hard sometimes, but usually Number One’s shirt is the perfectly ironed one.

BP:   What do you think about the Dirty Half Dozen?

OZ:  Dirty who?  13.5 more points and 236 less pins…what’s that about??

BP:  Any other comments?

OZ:  Just want to give a shout out to my OC teammates, may all our wounds heal victoriously..

One thought on “Bowler of The Week Interview: Week 4, Oz, off Constantly

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