Week 5 Racps: Now in haiku! (In your own words)

Off Constantly 10.5  Derelicte My Balls 4.5


Tron’s boner says we

Seem gregarious; but f***

Durty Half Dozen


Bubbles’ team can now

Pontificate barbeque

And clammy rat farts

Happy Hands Productions 10   3 Livers 5


“We are just porn stars

We don’t need to do write-ups”

(Sorry we forgot!)

3 Livers:

So we didn’t win

We still stand by our motto:

No Pin Left Behind

Saucy Posse 8 B.E.E.R 7


We are family

Now listen to us all say

“pick ’em up, N Sauce!”


“Medic! We need a

Defibrillator!” “No, try

Some Body English”

Pinups 11 Binga’s 4


Past, present, future

We could be a dynasty

If we just had Chunk


Grab a mcmuffin

And some soup, too, snuggletooth

I need food to bowl

Durty Half Dozen 8 Purple Haze 7


What happened? Thought

We’d take them to the woodshed.

Damn Steve Perry


Dude, that was awesome

They rolled a seven hundred

And we almost won

$3 Gutterballs 8 Spare Us 7


Stellar foresight, Nic

Two words: Communication

And devastation


Devastation? Ha!

More like a lucky escape

See you in March, punks

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