Co-Bowlers of The Week, Week 6: Oz, Off Constantly and R Sauce, Saucy Posse

Oz, OC   132-200-211   11 Strikes, 12 Spares

R Sauce, SauPo 221-188  11 Strikes, 8 Spares


BP: Gentlemen, congratulations on the award and on your teams’ wins this last week.

Oz, this is your second time winning, do you feel you’ve found your groove?

Oz: No Comment.

BP: R Sauce, did N Sauce winning this award last week motivate you to excel?  Was there some trash talking at home?

RSauce:  NSauce was gentle with me; she knows I’m sensitive about bowling. J  It was slightly motivating but I’m used to her beating me. If you go back to the opening questions for the teams our team goal was to beat the team Bunker (Poppy Wildwood) was on. They beat us in our match and even dissed us on the web site after. He jumped ahead of me in the averages so I needed to step it up.

BP: Oz, is 200 your baseline target each time out now?  Also, what happened on your first game against DHD when you opened with a 132?  Some have said you were feeling the pressure.

Oz: No f’ing comment.

BP: R Sauce, your team has been under the radar all year with all the talk about DHD and Off Constantly. Does your team thrive on the “no respect” angle?

R Sauce:  Not really, although we talked a big game we did not expect to be in the top five but we have all stepped it up as of late.  As our captain PSauce says  “I can feel the Saucementum!”

BP: What bowler do you most admire?

R Sauce: Wilma of Three Livers, She is fun to play against, has a great attitude, and is always there with the M&M’s!

Oz: Noone.

BP:  Any other comments?

R Sauce: Pick um up!

Oz: F*%^ Off.

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