Bracket Standings

Hungus and Wilma, linked again.  Wilma led after round one, but Hungus leads after round 2 with 12 of the sweet 16 correct.  Hungus’ lead is in jeopardy however as Clemson lost in the first round.

Player, Points (number of final four teams still alive)

 Hungus, 96  (3)      UCLA over Clemson

Wilma, 94      (3)     Tennessee over Xavier

Unsigned, 94  (4)    UNC over Memphis (just picked favorites every game)

Alec, 90            (3)   Kansas over UCLA

Silky Pete, 90   (4)  Kansas over UCLA

Lula, 88             (2) UNC over Duke

Lefty, 84            (3) Memphis over Louisville

The Dude. 82    (3) Georgetown over UCLA

Spare Us, 82      (3) North Carolina over Duke

Bubbles, 76        (2) Duke over Clemson

Oz, 76                  (3) Kansas over Duke

Pichette, 70       (4) Memphis over Kansas

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