Playoff Predicitions

 # 8 Saucy Posse vs # 9 Binga’s Ringas

What a difference five weeks make.  At the midpoint of the season, people were asking if Saucy Posse could be a darkhorse threat for the championship, and after finishing that discussion, the same people would ask “could Binga’s fall any further?”  Now, the tables are turned.  Binga’s signed a number of players at the trade deadline, and are riding a winning streak into the playoffs that includes thumpings of the #4 team BEER and the overall top seed, Off Constantly.  Wing Mike has happily given up his role as ‘front man’ to bowling sensation Tender Alex, the league’s number two bowler.  They are heavy favorites to move on to a rematch with Off Constantly and the league’s #1 bowler, Oz. It is a matchup Off Constantly is not looking forward to.

SauPo comes into the playoffs on an extended losing streak and with family turmoil bubbling beneath the surface.  R Sauce, their rock, may miss the one-and-done first round (though this game was shifted to a 7:30 start).  Maybe, just maybe, there is a silver lining in all this.  Now noone is expecting anything from these guys – all the pressure is off, and they are free to go out their and roll ‘their game’.  So, if R Sauce shows up, if N Sauce returns to Bowler of the week form, if, if, if… Stranger stories have been told.

Prediction:  Binga’s 4 – SauPo 1

#7 Pinups vs #10 Purple Haze

Here’s another one where I like the lower seed.  The Haze isn’t exactly coming into this game on a high, but if you look back at the schedule the Pinups was one game they did manage to win.  Lately, The Dude’s been good for a 170+, and the Pinups don’t have a frontline bowler to match that.  This game will come down to the 2-4 spots.  The Haze will throw Lefty (126) , J-Dawg (119) and I-Moan (107) barring any surprises, and the Pinups will probably roll Silky Pete (128), Beebop (123) Artful Dodger (118) and Big ern (115).  This game will likely go down to the final frame.  In fact, if there is any chance for a tie in the first round, this game would be the top candidate.  The tv execs would love the added drama, as a tie would lead to a one on one game, winner take all.  Again, should it come down to this, I like the Dude’s chances.  Big Ern insists that noone can beat his team twice in one year.  We shall see.

Prediction: Purple Haze 2.5 – Pinups 2.5, Purple Haze wins bowloff, Dude over Silky Pete

#6 3 Livers vs # 11 Spare Us

On paper, this one doesn’t look close.  However, 3 Livers is missing  Wilma, so this contest is little more interesting.  The real question in this game is who will out-nice the other, as these two teams fought a down to the wire race for “Most Liked Team.”

Prediciton:  Everyone hugs each other and smiles a lot.  3 Livers 4 – Spare Us 1

# 5 Happy Hands vs #12 $3 Gutterballs

Let’s face it, those moustaches are damn sexy.  However, the Gutterballs seem to have given all their attention to those upper-lip caterpillars, and their bowling has gone in the toilet.  Happy Hands is not Happy.  They want blood.  Kinky.  I think this one’s over before Zeke even finishes combing his face.

Prediction:  HHP 4 – $3 Gutterballs 1

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