Getting Hot and Heavy

BowlPortland chatter is going from sporadic to a steady murmur.  Already six new potential teams have approached the league, along with new potential sponsors in AAA and Nomia Erotic Boutique.  Hell yeah!  Anyway, for those of you too lazy to look at the league info tab on the left, the price is going to be $105/player (6 per team) witha $250 sponsorship.  That covers at least 14 weeks of bowling, shirts for everyone on the team (and an extra for the sponsor if they want one) and some number of bowling balls (2-4 per team, negotiations ongoing).  If you feel like paying before November 1st, league fees are $5 off!  That’s pretty sweet.

 Email questions to  If you are ready with your team name and roster and/or sposnor, let me know and we’ll start filling in the teams.

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