Fun With Numbers and the Betting Line

Here were our website visits last week.  Go Cranberry Isles!

1. Maine 499
2. New York 13
3. District of Columbia 9
4. Vermont 8
5. California 7
6. Oregon 7
7. Georgia 7
8. Florida 3
9. Massachusetts 3
10. Louisiana 2


1. Portland 357
2. South Portland 45
3. Hallowell 35
4. Cranberry Isles 12
5. Sanford 9
6. Brunswick 6
7. Waterville 5
8. Scarborough 5
9. Westbrook 5
10. Falmouth 5

Now, what you’ve been waiting for, the lines:

Off Constantly (-7) over Three Fingered Willies: Tough draw for a new team.

Pinups (-2) over Urban Achievers: In a close game the edge goes to veterans.

Three Livers (-5) over Hyper-Bowl-E: They’re not driving all the way from the Forks to lose.

Gutterballs (pick ’em) vs. Young and the Bowled: Two new squads look for a quick start.

Sweet Rolls (-3) over Lesbowlians: Civil libertarians chalk one up for justice.

B.E.E.R. (-3) over Purple Haze: Cheddar is a calming influence, and is from Milwaukee.

Roll Another (-15) over Pud’s Taxi:  I smell a forfeit.

Saucy Posse (-9) over Great Lost Spares: The family is ticked over their preseason dis.

Binga’s (-4) over Happy Hands Productions: A good test for a Binga’s that thinks it’s a contender.

DHD (-7) over Maine Yacht: Quick starting team vs. rookies, could turn ugly.

Strikes of Hazzard (-6) over ICBING: The Gutter-believers have yet to roll…

Die Gass (-1) over Alley-Gash Rollers: Even match, but Uli’s magic ball prevails.

Derelicte My Balls (-7) over Incredibowls: You do not want to face My Balls in week one.

One thought on “Fun With Numbers and the Betting Line

  1. Magic ball, no magic ball – no matter. The real question is what team will have the most resounding victory? Anyone wanna predict any shutouts? Is that even possible? I say: step up to the plate Off Constantly. Give us newbies a reason to fear you. Or is it true what everyone is saying – that it was just a fluke caused by the tourney structure last year?

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