Freight Train

BowlPortland is moving under its own momentum at a frightening pace.  The best you can do is just try to get out of the way and stare with awe as it hurtles toward destiny.  So there was no time for writeups – a few teams submitted fantastic summaries, the other six games not so much.  Here’s a lightning fast recap.  #1 Binga’s survived a scare.  They saw a 4-1 lead evaporate and entered game three in a 5-5 tie with the game #16 seed Purple Haze before finally pulling away.  I think it was the wakeup call they needed.  The #2 seed also faced a challenge.  They fell behind 4-1 before rallying to tie it at 5, and held on to edge the #18 Die Gassenjungen.  Prost to Feltie for an out of her mind performance.  The #3 seed did go down, as you read in the Incredibowls report.  #4 Roll Another quietly dispatched the #13 Spares.  #5 Off Constantly didn’t have much trouble with #21 Happy Hands.  #6 advanced, as you read in Jeltz’ epic poem.  #7 Pinups fell to #10B.E.E.R. in a game much closer than the final score. There was a great moment for the Pinups as Sue, with the season on the line in game 2, picked up 19 points in the final frame to win 80-79 and keep her team alive a little longer.  Finally, #8 Alley Gash Rollers took care of the #9 Pud’s in a grudge match.

So, only two teams not ranked in the top 8 still alive…#7BEER and the Cinderella #19 Incredibowls.

Tonight’s Games:

#1 Binga’s Ringas vs #8 Alley Gash Rollers

Binga’s got a big scare last week, and looked vulnerable.  Will they react to that by feeling on edge or by reasserting their dominance?  I think the latter.  Natro has flashed the potential of late to throw a monkeywrench in their plans, however.  In the end, I think there’s just too many Ringas.

Binga’s 10 Alley Gash Rollers 5

#4 Roll Another vs #5 Off Constantly

Well, Roll Another, here’s your chance.  Chupacabra’s minions won their division, but no one is picking them to get through this match.  Off Constantly has that championship look in their eyes.

Off Constantly 10 Roll Another 5

#2 Urban Achievers vs #10 B.E.E.R.

J. Hammer is trying to bowl and run, having a night shift right after the game.  Moose Knuckles is looking to unleash his gutteral, triumphal  screams one more time.  B.E.E.R. loses Filthy, but welcomes back Fern.  She’s a difference maker.

B.E.E.R. 8 Urban Achievers 7

#6 Dirty Half Dozen vs #19 Incredibowls

Jeltz may be using his influence to get rail service between Rockland and BowlPortland.  Tonight he gets to discuss his plot with his sister, as the famous Dutch reappears.  DHD has rented a fog machine for her entrance.  Speaking of sisters, the Cinderella team is here hoping DHD do not play the role of evil stepsisters.  The Incredibowls pointed out that they have been picked to lose 12 weeks in a row.  Well, I hate to say it, but we’re going to make it 13.  I think they like it that way anyhow.

DHD 10 Incredibowls 5

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