2009 BowlPortland Champions – Binga’s Ringas

Congratulations to Binga’s Ringas for an exciting 9-6 championship win over Dirty Half Dozen.  The Ringas jumpd outto a 5-0 lead, and were on the edge of victory when DHD captain Riggs gutted out four straight strikes to end the game and get the score to 7-3.  Binga’s needed only one point in game 3, but were looking like they might come up short…then in frame five playoff MVB Jamaican Jerk turned it on, leading to a 203 for top point, and an overall pin win of 1.  Great game.

4 thoughts on “2009 BowlPortland Champions – Binga’s Ringas

  1. Another fine year on the maple. Thanks so much to Hungus for all the work to make BowlPortland the best little bowling league in New England! Hope to see you all at the Bowling Ball this Friday.

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