First Week Matchups: Know Thine Enemy

Byes: Off Constantly, Young and the Bowled, Sweet Rolls, Saucy Posse, Wrecking Balls

1: The Who? vs. I.C.B.I.N.G.

2: T.D.Y.O.B. vs. Urban Achievers

3: Living On a Spare vs. Three Fingered Willies

4: UREA! vs. Cracked Bowl of Nuts

5: Strikes of Hazzard vs. Huevos Rancheros

6: Bowlderdash vs. Dirty Half Dozen

7: Splits Happen vs. Lesbowlians

8: No Pins Intended vs. Gutterballs

9: Three Livers vs. Madbotts

10: Great Lost Spares vs. happy Hands Productions

11: Roll Another vs. Pud’s Taxi

12: Binga’s Ringas vs. Incredibowls

13: B.E.E.R. vs. Pinups

2 thoughts on “First Week Matchups: Know Thine Enemy

  1. Only thing the UA’s are going to acheive on opening night is a beat down at the hands off TDYOB!!!!!

    Roll Bork!

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