– – Breaking Development – –

As 10:50 am I received an email with this subject line: TDYOB HAS PUKE VIRUS

So, TDYOB is switching bye weeks with 2008 Champs Off Constantly.  Now I need to adjust the lines.

Puke Virus (-15) over TDYOB: This one was no contest

Off Constantly (-5) over Urban Achievers: Well, week 2 featured a match between league co-favorites Binga’s and OC, so it’s better that they both have one game under their belt before that matchup.  But OC better not sleep on the Achievers.  They will not be intimidated by championship rings that are starting to grow a little dusty.

5 thoughts on “– – Breaking Development – –

      1. 6 and three couldn’t make it!!! Does this Dr have any other friends?

        This guy should stick to chasing frisbees with his dogs.

        The only life insurance needed will be for this team. Will they even make it out to their games?

  1. The good Dr. is not sick, but Roy Munson is, and his wife Spooky needs to tend to him and Sneaky Pete couldn’t make it either as our sitter fell through due to her kid having said puke virus. The puke virus is coming for the good Dr.-I can feel it in my bones, that said being a Dr. I’ll weather the storm. Sneaky and I are on vacation next week in Florida so the Dr. will start knocking pins unconscious 1/19/09, like I told Karl when I get back from Florida these pins better have life insurance because they are all going to get killed! Lucky thing it isn’t ultimate because this league would already have been won be TDYOB, wouldn’t even be close!

    Thanks to OC for filling in for us.

    Roll TDYOB!

  2. This stinks to high heaven. Dr. Thunder isn’t sick, I saw him doing sprints in the Yankee Lanes parking lot last night. He’s just afraid to get rolled. This isn’t ultimate, Dr. Eventually you’ll have to take your medicine on the lanes.

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