Week 3 Lines

Advance notice – the Postgame will be at FLASK.  We’ve had some fun ones there and can really fill the place, so please swing by.

#16 Three Livers (-2) vs. TDYOB: The loud Dr. returns, but I bet Wilma handles him.  If Lukass loosens the bowtie, the Livers can take care of business.

#6 Saucy Posse (-11) vs. UREA!: Tough opening for the new team, as Saucy Posse promises to be a big challenge.  Walter wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Jamaican jerk and Oz, but that is really only possible if you have a strong, Yogic breath.  UREA! going through the ritual hazing of expansion teams.

#13 Incredibowls (-10) vs Strike of Hazzard: Picking the Incredibowls is a habit I could embrace.  After a year of not trying it, I gave it a shot and was rewarded.  The Strikes don’t care bout that goshdarned Yankee scorin system.  They just like the team race to the lanes.

#18 Wrecking Balls (-2) vs Bowlderdash: Interesting match. The Balls are very unpredictable,  and Michael Bowlton is hitting high notes.  The Dude generally finds a way to pull a huge score out when they need one.  I think it will be a see-saw match, but Swing wins it in game three.

#7 DHD (-1) vs #5 Urban Achievers: Should be a good battle, very different styles, two strong teams.  DHD is looking for some respect after back to back finals appearances and two big wins, and this is where they can get it.  The Achievers are ranked high, but are sitting on only two points and are facing another top tier foe.

#3 Living On A Spare (-3) vs #8 B.E.E.R.: Could come down to who holds their liquor better.  Alley-Lujah will not be afraid to lean on her power couple of Natro and Coco, but B.E.E.R. has some new tricks up their collective sleeve, and are so tight they now are sharing balls.

#17 No Pins Intended (-2) vs. #19 Pud’s Taxi: Loser will fall from the top 20.  Uh-oh!  Both teams are hoping to cut their losses and start the long climb back up the ladder.  NPI has been the biggest surprise this year with their struggles, but I can’t see Oolie staying down three weeks in a row.  Pud’s is magic.

#10 Young and the Bowled (-8) vs Lesbowlians: Probably was a better match last year.  Y&B is under new management, though it would be nice to see the cat-herder around.  Lou Dawg’s short-shorts and Pistol Pete’s guns should prove too much for Trixy’s bunch, though they are coming off a win and a bye week, and Tilt-A-Whirl is backing down to no one.

#9 Pinups (-4) vs #14 C.B. O’Nutz: Pinups (with Chunk) could be this year’s darkhorse.  Several players in the top 20 (what’s up with Silky Pete?), and the International Bulge provides the entertainment, allowing Big Ern to sit back and crack wise.  The Nutz have delicious product, but had their confidence scrambled by the Huevos last week.

#11 Gutterballs (-10) vs Great Lost Spares: Spares look to be in trouble, and they may need a new bear. (Not you, Great Gay Bear, I mean the mascot).  The Gutterballs look to continue their surprising start.

#2 Off Constantly (-13) vs Madbotts: Despite the likely score, this should be fun one to watch.  The Madbotts will be looking to bring all their powers of distraction to bear, while OC will be trying to shake the Binga’s hangover.

#20 Happy Hands (-1) vs Roll Another: Just flipping a coin, really.  Happy Hands has been bouncing up and down (the rankings), and Roll Another has been just as unpredictable.

#15 Sweet Rolls (-5) vs Three Fingered Willies: The Willies rebounded from a shutout to win in week 2.  The Sweet Rolls have never tasted success like their week one win.  Can they handle it?

Last Week: 11-2

Season: 22-4

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  1. I hope these pins have life insurance. Cause they are gonna need after tonight. I am going to kill them pins!!!

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