Week 7 Lines

So, did you realize we are halfway done?  Crazy.

Tonight’s postgame is at Binga’s.  I’m pretty sure the beer is cheap.

Game of the Week:

#6 Livin’ On A Spare (-3) vs. #10 Huevos Rancheros: Riding high just a week ago, this looks like the Huevos last stand.  Perhaps caught looking ahead, they took a beatdown last game, and now the Spares are on their tail.  The winner of this battle should have pretty clear sailing to a division crown.  I think the LOSers pull it off if Precious plays.  If he’s out, my prediction would shift.

The Rest:

UREA! (-5) vs. The Who?: This is their UREA! moment.  The league’s quietest team will certainly not trumpet it, but they may pick up another win, and move out of the dreaded bottom six play-in spots.  The Who? might pick up some more glitter.  Quite a punctuation battle

#7 Pinups (-3) vs. #13 ICBING: Both teams have 44 points.  Their team averages are within five points of each other.  The Pinups have high highs and low lows.  ICBING all stick around the middle, but still have highs.  I’ll go with the higher ceiling team over the higher team.

#3 Urban Achievers (-12) vs. #20 Bowlderdash: After an opening night beatdown, the Achievers have been on cruise control.  Bowlderdash drives a car with no cruise control, maybe a busted window or two, but an occasional turbo burst.  Won’t be enough this time.  Their stay in the top 20 may be brief.

#12 C.B. O’Nutz (-11) vs. Splits Happen:  The Nutz are looking to grab some points here, playing the last place Splits gang.  The Splits have been improving their averages every week, and a close match could really boost the confidence of their 33 team members.

Three Livers (-2) vs. Happy Hands:  Everyone glad to see the return to form of Bernie, raise your hands and yell “HANK!”  The Happy Hands’ hands are a little busy for that right now.

#5 Gutterballs (-11) vs. Lesbowlians: The Gutterballs broke out all the stops last week, bringing the sexy (and the nasty) to bear in beating DHD to tie for the division lead.  Now they play a team that they could never overwhelm with those tactics.

#11 DHD (-3) vs. #18 No Pins Intended: The 6ers haven’t seemed to have the same magic this season.  Of course, the last few years they lost in the finals after big regular seasons, so maybe they’re playing possum as part of a devious new strategy.  NPI was starting to get their confidence back before a 14-1 setback last week.  Oolie is back on track, but the Ram brothers need to get in the ring.

#14 TDYOB (-5) vs. Pud’s Taxi:  TDYOB may be shorthanded, but they are playing with an unrivaled focus.  Pud’s is known for lots of things, but focus is not one of them.  Dink, I have your shirt.

#9 B.E.E.R. (-2) vs. #16 Sweet Rolls:  The Sweet Rolls are one of this year’s pleasant surprises.  Sugar and Frenchy have brought in a smorgasbord of new talent.  B.E.E.R. has been strong, but are starting to get desperate to pick up some points.  They will counter the sweets with a finely aging Cheddar.  This may be the night the Filthy Hooker returns to prominence.

#4 Young and the Bowled (-13) vs. Great Lost Spares: Y&B as huge favorites.  The worm has turned. Beware the Bear.

#19 Roll Another (-5) vs. The Madbotts: This could be the perfect matchup for the Madbotts, but they will need their fearless leader Madgirl for the diversionary tactics to work.  Roll Another will try to lash themselves to the scoring table.

#1 Binga’s Ringas (-13) vs. Wrecking Balls: The W-Balls go from a bye week and into the fryer.  Lulu will be nutritionally disappointed.  Binga’s may spend game three getting their host faces on for the Binga’s Stadium postgame tonight.

Last Week: 8-5

Overall: 59-19

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  1. Being in labe 25 and 26 are we allowed to boo the women’s league to speed up their leaving so that the DJ can come on sooner???????

    We are bringing cab fare for Pud’s Taxi tonight!!!!!

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