Super Short Week 8 Lines


Game of the Week:

#19 Pud’s Taxi (-6) vs. Madbotts: If Pud’s comes through with the fashion plans they discussed at last week’s postgame, this game will be amazing to watch.  Two of BoPo’s most fascinating teams clash!

The Rest:

#10 ICBING (-2) vs. #13 Huevos Rancheros: Two teams heading in opposite directions.  Actually, ICBING just kind of stays put and watches teams rise and fall around them.  Then they giggle sometimes.

#1 Binga’s Ringas (-13) vs. Three Livers: Wings vs. M+Ms.

#12 Incredibowls (-1) vs. TDYOB: TDYOB knocked back to Earth last week.  This is the time of year the Incredibowls traditionally start heating up.

#17 Sweet Rolls (-1) vs. #6 Saucy Posse: Upset alert!  Sweet Rolls welcomed back Sugar Daddy last week and he was all that.  If they can combine him and Hot Tamale, that is sweet and spicy power.  SauPo may be due for a letdown.

Great Lost Spares (-1) vs. The Who?: The Who? picked up their first win last week.  The Spares also have one win.  This may be the best chance for either of them to get a 2nd.

#8 Dirty Half Dozen (-13) vs. Buxton Slingers: DHD has got their dirty game face back on.  Take no prisoners.  The Slingers are steadily improving, but this is too tall an order.  Curious to see what they did with all that cash they won last week.  Lots of ones.

#15 Strikes of Hazzard (-7) vs. Three Fingered Willies: The Willies were bit hard by the serious injury bug.  Damn bugs.  Strikes should cruise tonight, and hoping to slide up the rankings a bit with some good results around the league.

#7 BEER (-5) vs Wrecking Balls: At the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, Matt and Jeff Hardy are pitted to face off against each other after several back-stabbing actions on behalf of Matt. At Royal Rumble, Matt knocked out his brother with a steel chair, allowing Edge to defeat him for the WWE Championship and dropping jaws around the WWE Universe. But this was hardly the first instance of a sibling showdown.  Hungus vs. The Dude has offered that drama for three years running.  This year the Dude is struggling, but I expect his best game.  Won’t be enough, though, this BEER team is the best in franchise history.  No offense, Roy G.

#5 Young and the Bowled (-5) vs #14 Roll Another: The Y&B’s haven’t really been tested yet.  Hey Roll Another, if you’re looking for some street cred, tonight’s your night to grab it.

#2 Off Constantly (-13) vs Happy Hands Productions: Drink off! Glad the Hands Family got a win recently.

#9 Gutterballs (-9) vs Bowlderdash: Michael Bowlton will not be distracted by Three Boob Betty.  Gutterballs will not be distracted by Bowlderdash.

#11 CB O’Nutz (-7) vs. #20 No Pins Intended: I don’t have a good feeling about this game.

Last Week: 9-4

Overall: 68-23

6 thoughts on “Super Short Week 8 Lines

  1. Also we do not take kindly to the #18 not being by our name in the pre-game write up, and angry bunch of Borkers are heading to the lanes tonight. Gonna be like bumping into a hornet’s nest, you ever bump into a hornet’s nest Karl?????????

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