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While I recognize the ability for any team to win on any given night, these projections are a product of months-long research and the recording of every available statistic. I have been tirelessly developing algorithms for my super-computer to generate the most accurate data.

Here are my final calculations, with odds…

the Semis:
Bingas 5/2 favorites over OC – while Oz can put up big numbers, he’s been a bit out of form, and even when he is, can’t match JJ’s 3-game avgs (who can?). Lots of questions for OC here… Will Tron or Number 1 or Hunny Bunny be a hero tonight? Will the captain sit anybody who could hurt their total pin counts? The main question in Binga’s mind:  “What are we wearing to our victory dance tomorrow?”

LOS 4/1 favorites over B.E.E.R. – Four (count ‘em) rollers that can post high scores with some amount of consistency for the Spares. Their captain is the only one who isn’t placed firmly in the top of the individual standings – and Alley-lujah has no qualms about sitting out for the entire evening. She also eschews solidarity and refuses to wear her team’s jersey. On B.E.E.R.’s side of things, only Cheddar and Hungus can throw down regularly at 160+. Karl readily admits that they’ve stood on Cheddar’s shoulder’s to reach this season’s heights. Filthy McNasty will need more than cognac to mix up something that can hurt their opponents. What does that mean for Fern, Tom Richards, and The Bish ‘o Bowl? Cinderella’s clock is ticking… will midnight strike before this semifinal has been decided?

Tasty odds for BEER… who wants to give me their money?

…and for the Finals?

Bingas 3/1 favorites over LOS – Ironically, Livin’ on a Spare is going to have to convert pretty much all of it’s second ball chances to give the reigning champs a run for their money. Does Precious even know how to approach a ten-pin? Will Coco prove that she’s better than second-best? Can Shithawk  morph into a bird-of-pray and petition the Almighty for some of her grace?

Prove me wrong, oh BowlPortlanders! Turn out in droves and spur on the underdogs! Let’s keep it exciting up to the very end!

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