Showdown Week – Tuesday

Game of the Week:

#3 Team Micaela (-3) vs #5 Binga’s, 6pm

Here we go.  With all due respect to I.B.S., Tuesday is a two team show, and those two teams are facing off tonight at 6pm.  Team Micaeala are the new guys on the block.  They are a crack squad of ringers and co-workers deviously assembled by Captain Ralphie.  Don’t let the “Yays” fool you, she knows what she’s doing, and has built a serious championship contender.  Already looking strong with House Pro Stevie Strikes (192.8) and House Constantly Present Gutterboy (175.8) she capped off the Black and Pink trinity by signing Bama (187.6) out of the restaurant league.  She has been bowling better herself, as has team flair-coordinator and door tester Mona Laudley.  She even looked ahead and added Teggie as a hedge against a potential finals showdown with the Walkaways.  Now they get their one real test of the regular season.  How they react to this one will be the best indicator of how much they should be feared in the playoffs.

Binga’s is a totally different story. They had a two year run as league bully and rasta-ambassadors.  Then they were shocked in the 2010 finals and it looked like the dynastic run was over.  For months there was speculation that Binga’s would fold.  Diesel and Booth signed with the Walkaways.  Then Jamaican Jerk stepped up.  With his running partner General Tso he brought in a mix of Binga’s vets and new blood that has picked up where the old team left off.  They aren’t crushing everyone the way they used to, but they do have a team chemistry they lacked even in the championship season.  Chernobyl Layne is back to her one week on, one week off routine, and lucky for Binga’s last week was her down week, so i expect her to come up big tonight.  Cookie has been gaining steam as well.  Jerk is looking forward to his duel with Stevie Strikes, and General Tso is in Gutterboy’s head after a post all-star game duel.  Pressure won’t affect them.  The key for Binga’s could be Hot Mango Mike, BoPo’s most obstinate bowler.  He is throwing the ball where he wants, successful or no.  If the conditions are right, he can go off.  If they aren’t, he won’t change.  He needs to play well enough that they stay in the race for overall point each game.

I think it comes down to Bama.  How will he handle the spotlight?  I think Team Micaela jumps out early, leads 7-3 going into game three, then holds on for a 9-6 win.

6pm Games

#19 Strikes of Hazzard (-1) vs #20 Balls of Fury: The Strikes have looked totally helpless without the wise old leadership of Uncle Jesse the last two weeks.  I think he’s back this week, and just in time.  The Balls of Fury have broken into the top 20 and would love to stick around with a big win over a ranked, but fading, team.

Gutterballs (-7) vs Lesbowlians: I don’t know what to make of the Gutterballs.  Good shirts, good team camraderie (they jump into each others arms and kiss after good shots), lots of points, but relatively low averages.  They just do what they have to do I guess.  The Lesbowlians really need a big win.  It won’t be easy here, but every year this team seems to have one big week.

Three Livers (-11) vs Madbotts: Will the Livers hold it together without spiritual adviser Wilma?  Bernie has been settling into a groove, and Pearl had a big game last week.  The Madbotts are actually getting a little better each week.  They’ll need to pull it all together to make this one close.

#11 Saucy Posse (-5) vs Incredibowls: SauPo was shocked last week in a 10-5 loss to Roll Another.  Will they respond, or keep fading?  The Incredibowls have struggled most of the season.  They tend to rise up for the playoffs, but it would be nice to see them get something going in the regualr season.

8:30 Games

#7 White Whale (-9) vs 5 O’Clock Somewheres: The Whale is loose.  They are thrashing around the league right now, and should be fine tonight absent any unusual beaching.  The 5 O’s will just be enjoying the nautical theme, sporting leis, and drinking their way to another successful Tuesday.

#8 I.B.S. (-11) vs Pinups: If Binga’s struggles with Team Micaela, IBS could wake up Wednesday morning sitting atop the Tuesday A standings.  They’ll need the points, as their final three games are against the current #7, #10 and #11 teams.  The Pinups continue their bizarre 2011 season.  Maybe Big Ern has some big secret plan.

UREA! (-1) vs Pud’s Taxi: T-$ and J-Bird are leading the hyphenated artists to a respectable regular season.  This is another chance for them to move up in the BoPo pecking order.  Pud’s need to break out the minty greens again.

#15 Sweet Rolls (-7) vs Bowlderdash: After a mid-season slide, Sweet Rolls have gotten it back together and starting winning again.  They seem to be locked into 2nd in Tuesday B, so just have to find other goals to keep their focus.  Bowlderdash is coming off an 11-4 win over Strikes of Hazzard, and would love to add another notch to their lipstick case.

#10 Roll Another (-2) vs #17 D.-G.U.T.S.: Maybe it’s time to believe in Roll Another.  Maybe they can make a run to the quarterfinals, even.  Maybe you will learn their names or meet them this year.  D.-G.U.T.S. is starting to show some signs.  Captain Collection has played this game before, sleepwalking through the media league regular season before a late season charge.  While a BoPo title is likely out of the question, they could make a name for themselves.

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