Tuesday Lines

Well, Binga’s easily took care of Team Micaela, and now the focus turns to some lower seeded teams.

Game of the Night

#6 I.B.S. (-5) vs #15 Roll Another, 8:30pm

After years of anonymity, Roll Another burst into the BoPo consciousness with a big win over SauPo and a top-ten ranking.  Then they got stomped by D.-G.U.T.S.  Now they have one more chance to make an impression with a game of the week showdown.  They will need their lone all-star Smutty to really show up.  I.B.S. has taken the dreaded #6 spot, but they have bigger targets in mind.  They sit a mere 1.5 points behind first place Binga’s.  A division win will make a playoff run far easier, and they’ll need every point they can get to achieve it.

6pm Games:

#20 Gutterballs (-9) vs 5 O’Clock Somewheres: The Gutterballs are just looking to jump up a few spots in the standings befor crossover week.  They’d also like to stick int he top 20 this time around.The 5 O’s need some points fast to avoid being in the play-in rounds.

#5 Team Micaela (-13) vs UREA!: Team Micaela got a taste of humility with a big loss to Binga’s.  Now they may not have another test until the playoffs.  UREA! gets the unfortunate timing of playing Team Mic after the loss.  Yikes.  Hopefully they get T-$ back to pick up a few points.

Bolwderdash (-3) vs Pud’s Taxi: These teams have almost identical averages, but Pud’s is way ahead in the standings thanks to a 15-0 win last week.  I think Bowlderdash will stop that momentum, but they may be too far behind to escape the play-in round.

#7 White Whale (-13) vs Lesbowlians: Pretty big mismatch on paper, but that’s why they play the games.  Tilt-A-Whirl could steal a point or two.  White Whale need to keep their focus.

8:30 Games

#12 D.-G.U.T.S. (-13) vs Madbotts: The GUTS are coming on strong, and look like a shoe-in for a boatload more points in this one.  Of course teams playing them have generally scored well above average for some reason, so maybe the Madbotts will get the same boost.

Incredibowls (-5) vs Pinups: The Incredibowls need a big win to have a chance of escaping play-ins.  They could get it against the Pinups, a team with way more points than their average would indicate.  Generally I pick Incredibowls games wrong, though, so take this predicton with a grain of salt.

#2 Binga’s (-11) vs Strikes of Hazzard: Binga’s rose to the occasion last week, but took their foot off the gas once the game was clinched.  Now IBS is right behind them.  They need to break out the killer instinct in this one.  As for Hazzard, they need someone to step up and help out Uncle Jesse.

#13 Sweet Rolls (-3) vs #17 Balls of Fury: A contender for game of the week pits two evenly matched teams.  Both teams have the potential to make some playoff noise, will be interesting to see which one handles the pressure of a close matchup better.

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