Thursday Lines

Game of the Night

#1 Off Constantly (-3) vs #4 B.E.E.R.

Last year, OC congratulated BEER on their title by saying “well, you didn’t have to go through us.”  They’ve wanted a piece of BEER ever since.  They haven’t lost their swagger, even though their title is now three years old.  They certainly looked strong in beating the Walkaways, but they may want this one even more.  Oz will renew his battle with Cheddar, and Number One, Dick Liquor and McQueen have all been gaining steam.  In a last minute change, it appears Coucou and Honey Bunny will be available for the game.  They are missing fun captain Tron, however.

BEER came out of nowhere last year, but now is on a 17 game winning streak, and they want this one too.  BEER is 0-3 all-time against OC, and while they may meet again in the playoffs, a win would certainly feel nice.  Unfortunately, new addition Coco Lopez sliced her hand open this week and is out for the big game.  Queen Bee will have to play all three games this week.  She’s a trooper.  Cheddar also is looking forward to the Oz showdown.  Filthy and Karl keep hanging around in the top 12, and at least one of them will have to get hot to have a chance in this one.  But don’t sleep on Tom “Hacksaw” Richards.  He lives for these moments.

This one will be played old school BoPo.  Two great teams, matching each other shot for shot, drink for drink, over the top strike celebration for over the top strike celebration.  Should be a lot fo fun to play in, and a lot of fun to watch.

6pm games

#9 Livin On A Spare (-11) vs Wrecking Balls: LOS has handled all the teams outside of the top four.  Wrecking Balls have struggled with everyone.  No idea if the Dude will be there.  LOS should have a cakewalk.

#11 No-Eye-Deer (-1) vs #19 ICBING: This is a testament to the relative strenghts of Thursday A and B.  ICBING is buried in A, losing handily to top teams on a nightly basis.  No-Eye-Deer is crushing fools, running away with B.  But this game looks really tight.  I could see ICBING pulling the win easily, but will give the Deer the nod for now.

#3 Walkaways (-15) vs Lovernauts: One of those rare predicted shutouts.  Walkaways still smarting after loss to OC, and will likely take it out on Ichy’s dancers.  They can’t prove anything, but can take the division lead back as OC has a tougher matchup.  The Lovernauts will handle the loss with grace, and look sharp doing it.

#16 TDYOB (-7) vs Happy Hands: No idea what TDYOB will bring to the table each night.  Yells, for sure, but the bowling is pretty unpredictable.  Still, they should have enough to win this one.  Happy Hands actually needs the game quite a bit, and if they could pull the surprise stay in the running for the Thrsday B crown.

Shambles (-5) vs Pinny Candy: Shambles has been struggling for a while now, but Pinny Candy may be the solution to that.  The Candies have been getting steadily better, but are still learning the game.  If Shambles holds it together they will pick up the win, but they are Shambles for a reason – betting on them ito win s always a risky proposition.

8:30 Games

#18 Snakes on a Lane (-5) vs My Balls: The Balls finally got in on the winning buffet last week, and did it without their Captain.  Now Bubbles will try to keep up the streak when she returns.  Snakes on A Lane have looked solid all season, and will be a dangerous playoff team.  How will they handle Bubble’s seasoned vets?

Splits Happen (-5) vs Goldilocks and 5 Spares: Splits have been getting better, which is not good news for a Goldilocks team stuck in the bottom of the standings.  Splits would love to rack up some points for a better playoff position.  Goldilocks would love an upset to try and escape the bottom 2 and a play-in round.

#8 Nuts (-3) vs #10 Young & Bowled: This looks like a great game.  Y&B has been getting more press with the addition of The Truth, but since Truth joined the team, Pistol Pete has struggled.  What’s going on there?  They don’t have Tropical Lou Dawg in this one, either.  Nuts has been building on Bustah’s success.  Herbie and Salty have tried to keep up with him, and the result is a whole team getting stronger.  Peanut could make or break this one.

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