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Dr. T wrote some writeups of Thursday’s games, though you may notice that he didn’t know the scores of most of the games.  Whatever, it’s his forum for a day.  The big news was a Walkaways crushing of the old BoPo record.  They rolled an astounding 843 game, which should hold up for a long time.

Here are the uneditied ramblings of Dr. Thunder:

Well here is the Dr.’s write up, I don’t know the scores for all the games
trying to piece the facts together.

Happy Hands Productions -3 versus Pinny Candy-no clue who won, Hungus will fill
you in on the details.

Walkaways -15 versus My Balls-Walkaways rolled an 834 game one I can only assume
this is a league record.  If you have not yet heard about it Natro is sure to
tell you, you don’t even need to ask him about it.  From the look on Barry’s
face on the way out the door I am only assuming Walkaways covered the spread.

LOS -12 versus TDYOB.  LOS pulled out a 9-6 win after the Borkers went up 4-1
despite Mr. Stiffy’s 222, Borkers were blanked game 2 5-0 with some awful
bowling by the Dr. and Roy Munson and then Los pulled out the last game 3-2.
This was a fun game against as Oolie likes to call them “meatheaded D-Bags” see
the board for more information on this, both teams were getting loose and
pulling for each other, don’t be intimidated by the fact that everyone on LOS is
over 6’5″ for the dudes, actually a great group of dudes with a ton of
firepower.  Speedboat(119/123 I think) and Mr. Stiffy (222/173) were the MVP’s
of the match with ShitHawk(179/160) a close second.

Nutz -14 versus Splitts Happens.  These teams were right next door, but I have
no idea who won, or by how much.  Busta was fall down drunk and in a good mood
so I am guessing that means they won.  Busta and the lefty of Nutz are coming on
strong making them a not so darkhorse come playoff time.

Young and Bowled -10 over Shambles.  From Friday discussions with LouDawg it
appears Y&B reigned victorious, but once again I am clueless to score (I know
many of you will comment I am always clueless, “Well that’s just like your
opinion man.”).  Y&B gets best dressed on the night and they seemed to be
partying just as hard if not harder than anyone.  From the looks of it Shambles
was left in Shambles after this one.

No Eye Deer -12 versus Lovernauts again not sure who won this one, I am guessing
NED in a big way, that said I am also guessing Lovernauts had a blast and broke
it down on the dancefloor as they are one of the most fun teams in the league to
play against.  I envy Lovernauts someone will get a split and everyone on the
team is pscyhed for the 7.  That’s BowlPortland right there.

Snakes on Lane -2 versus W. Balls.  I know the SOL folks and they will be SOL
first round of the playoffs, don’t know the W. Balls folks, and Hungus will have
to fill me in on score, the way I see it, it was anyon ‘s ball game, and I am
sure at some point Dr. Honniker got grumpy and wanted to push someone.  He’s
using one of Peanut Gutter’s old balls, and while Peanut Gutter’s new balls
surely are working of late, his old balls usually had 120’s in them.

BEER -13 over ICBING, Hungus told me they never beat anyone by 13 and so did
Filthy, they even told me they are more of a 10-5 team, and that’s what it was.
ICBING went down 10-0, then Sweet Creamy declared himself the worst bowler in
the league and refused to roll game 3.  After a closed door team meeting they
came out fired up behind Peanut Gutter’s 234 (XXXXXX9-XX9-), he don’t need no
stinking extra ball! to take the final game 5-0.  BEER had Bishop of Bowl back
for the first time in a long time, as well as the return of an injured Coco
Lopez, and it goes with out saying BEER was partying down on a fine St.
Patrick’s Day Evening.

In the only late game OC -15 over GL Spares, again I didn’t stay around to watch
the carnage in this one, but the Spares headed up by one of my favorite ladies
in the league LSS certainly did not give up in this one.  Hungus will fill you
in on the details.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Thunder Visits The Front Page

  1. Addendum Booth went a career high and most likely league high on the night 259 in that 834 game, with Natro around a 225 and both ladies going over 175 and Diesel watching from the sidelines. Unreal game.

    Hungus can you post the top five scores on the year anywhere like last year?

    1. anonymously nonetheless not much of a serving. I will be doing biceps at home today if you want to join, after a 1/2 hour on the elliptical. Yes I have work out equipment at home. I am a Dr., I can afford it.

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