Final Tuesday Lines

Here we are folks, final regular season week.  The bottom four teams in each Tuesday division will be playing in play-in games next Tuesday.  The rest of you will be playing against Thursday teams in crossover matches that just count for placement in the big tournament.

6pm Games

Incredibowls (-5) vs UREA!, and Pinups (-1) vs 5 O’Clocks: This pair of games features four teams trying to avoid the play-in round.  Incredibowls and 5’Os have 60 pts, Pinups 59, and UREA 54.5.  Only one of them will escape the bottom 4.  The Incredibowls have a franchise history of playoff heroics so they seem most likely to come up big in this pressure situation.  That said the 5 O’s have stunned on many weeks, and the Pinups are waaaay overdue for a big game.  These games will be next to each other so expect a lot of scoreboard watching.

#5 Team Micaela (-11) vs #12 Sweet Rolls: Team Micaela is rolling hot right now.  Last week they put up huge numbers.  However, they struggled in their only game against a top 5 team.  Sweet Rolls aren’t top 5 but they are sneaky good.  Team Micaela has nothing to play for – they will play in a crossover game next week for the top overall seed.  Sweet Rolls currently sit fourth on Tuesdays, but don’t have a huge cushion.  They need a handful of points to hold on and get a crossover match with BEER.

#2 Binga’s (-13) vs Lesbowlians: Interesting situation for the wingmen.  They sit 1.5 points behind IBS for the division crown.  They are huge favorites here, but this is the new, laid back Binga’s.  They don’t stomp on people.  How many points do they need to wrap it up?  The difference could mean dropping from 3rd overall to 6th, though they may like the idea of a crossover game vs the loser of OC/Walkaways as a tourney primer.  Lesbowlians have been putting up better scores of late.  Grabbing a few here will give them added confidence for next week’s play-in game.

#11 White Whale (-5) vs #18 Roll Another: The Whale saw a golden opportunity slip away in the 10th frame of game one last week, and never recovered vs the Irritable Bowelers.  They have a shot at redemption here, and a big enough win could launch them as high as 4th place on Tuesdays.  Roll Another stopped their skid last week, and would also love to move up and get some momentum before next week.

8:30 Games

#6 I.B.S. (-3) vs #16 Saucy Posse: By the time this one starts, Binga’s will have finished and IBS will know exactly what it needs to take Tuesday A.  Of course, Saucy Posse will know exactly what it needs to deny them, and they would like nothing better than to crush some dreams.  Killer B will get three games in in his mad rush to qualify for the playoffs, and Ram Rod should shine under the spotlight.  Huh?  Last week Redonk and Hot Sauce were hot and Walter fell back a bit.  This week he (and Jameson’s sales) should rebound.

#10 D.-G.U.T.S. (-3) vs #17 Gutterballs: This one should be good.  The Gutterballs are as fired up as any team in the league right now after what they felt was disrespectful smack talk.  They aren’t afraid of anyone, even going directly after Bayside Bowl management.  They certainly won’t fear D-GUTS, despite their top 10 ranking.  In fact, if they could pull off a big win they’d get the shot to play BEER in crossovers and teach them a thing or two about ‘taking care of business’.  D-GUTS is on a tear, flying up the rankings over the last month.  They look like a dangerous playoff team.  They don’t want to lose any steam this week, and will be playing to win.  Should go right down to the wire.

Balls of Fury (-11) vs Madbotts: The Balls probably should be ranked.  That’s a league oversight.  They are in a bunch in the standings, so have the incentive to pile up points tonight.  The Madbotts are looking for some sign that they can shock the world next week.  Right now their average sits at 399.9, and they’d love that tenth of a point increase to cross the BoPo Mendoza line.

#20 Strikes of Hazzard (-3) vs Pud’s Taxi: Your guess is as good, or better than, mine on this one.  Hopefully this is the week Pud’s rediscovers their inner-party.  Hazzard shine is good for that.

Three Livers (-1) vs Bowlderdash: Three Livers at 8:30 pm, maybe with Wilma back?  I like it.  Can I get a “HAAAAAAAAANK!” Bowlderdash has 2010 Capt. of the Year Michael Bowlton, but seem to have gotten off their rhythm.  This game has a very high fun-potential.

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