Results (Corrected Times)

There will be extensive writeups of the upcoming sweet 16 games coming soon. For now, just the times and matchups.

Tuesday, April 12th 6pm

#1 Walkaways vs #17 Gutterballs

#2 Team Micaela vs #18 TDYOB

#3 Binga’s vs # 19 Saucy Posse

#4 No-Eye-Deer vs #13 Nuts

8:30 PM

#5 Off Constantly vs #21 Young & Bowled

#6 I.B.S. vs #22 Incredibowls

#7 B.E.E.R. vs #10 Sweet Rolls

#8 Roll Another vs #9 Still L.O.S.

7 thoughts on “Results (Corrected Times)

  1. Oolie, what the hell are you talking about? Are you prognosticating a finals matchup between Lou and Team Micaela, because that’s the first time they could meet. Also, love your continued predictions on BEER – I’m sure you will be as accurate as last year. We are rolling far better than IBS even with Cheddar on rehab.

    Seems to me three games with any upset potential at all, with yours being highest on the list. Then Y&B vs OC, and SauPo vs Binga’s. Well, technically LOS is the 9 seed, and they should cruise past Roll Another.

      1. a preview of the previews
        Walkaways (-9) Team Micaela (-7) Binga’s (-5) Nuts (-9) Off Constantly (-3) IBS (-3) BEER (-3) Still LOS (-11)

      2. whoops!
        what WAS I looking at?? maybe the Y and B in TDYOB caught my eye?

  2. The only matchups I see with slight upset alerts are Y&B v. Tm Micaela and BEER v. Sweet Rolls.
    Will Lou Dawg’s Green Machine and their magical vibrations be enough to rattle Micaela’s anti-team of BoPo ringers?
    Who’s gonna step up and be BEER’s big cheese now that Cheddar is melted? I vote for Coco Lopez and birthday boy Filthy.
    The rest is chalk, Shithawk.

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