#5 O.C. vs #7 B.E.E.R. – Your 2011 Finals

You like twins?  You’re in luck.  More of an ownership kiss-up? Plenty for you too.  Cheddar vs Oz? Check. Filthy, Coco Lopez, Queen Bee sexy dance sandwich?  Yep.  Number One “sexytime”? Count on it.  Finals.  7:30 start time on Saturday.  Be there or suck.

One thought on “#5 O.C. vs #7 B.E.E.R. – Your 2011 Finals

  1. Woohoo! That’s gonna be an awesome game to watch! Congrats! Just so you know Karl, after last night I’ve taken an involuntary vow of silence; all of the screaming (and bitching after TMC lost) has left my all ready sore throat useless. I didn’t think it was that bad until I went to the store to buy soup and I literally couldn’t speak more than a faint, forced whisper. The store clerk had to read my lips. If I can’t find another server to cover my shift tonight, I’m going to have to wear a chalkboard around my neck. I will not be moaning loudly, or at all for that matter, so just know I’m routing for both teams tomorrow by silently tossing back a few (too many) drinks. Sigh… I love bowling.

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