Catching up, and lines (Championship pot at $232!)

Long time no write.  First, old news:

Week 3 Bowlers of the Week: General Tso, Chemical Sweatpants, and La Gatita, 4 Boobs and Some Nutz

The General had 2 200+ games and  averaged 196 and led the then last place Sweats to a 15-0 win over Strike-A-Thon.  La Gatita  rolled a season high for ladies of 233 (with teammates Hot Sauce and Walter right behind her with matching 212s) to help defeat Catalina Wine Mixer 9-6.

Week 4 Bowlers of The Week: Steve McQueen, Drive Thrus, and Rufio, Team GB

McQueen has been off to a slow start, and has only one week left before he is replaced by the Booth half of McBooth.  After last week, The Drive Thrus will be very sad to see him go.  He rolled a 220-216-244 series to pace them to a 15-0 shellacking of Dick’s Picks.  We’ll see how he handles the emotions of his final week tonight.

Rufio led all Team GB rollers in game 2 for them with a very nice 206 to take top point.  She then followed it up with a solid 160 as Team GB swept game three to beat Das Boot 11.5-3.5

Week 5 Lines:

#5 4 Boobs and Some Nutz (-11) vs #12 Shot Pot Honey: The Boobs won last week and fell from 2nd place to 5th.  With points being at such a premium, don’t expect them to show any mercy to Shot Pot.  Mired in last, Shot Pot hasn’t yet shown any signs that they are going to turn it around.  Diesel needs to heat up.

#2 Catalina Wine Mixer (-7) vs #11 Dick’s Picks: The Wine Mixers don’t have anyone in the top-15, but as a team are number two.  Pow! They are solid throughout and are wearing some slick unis, hinting at good team chemistry. Pow pow!  The Picks need to dust themselves off in a hurry after last week’s beatdown from Steve McQueen and co.  Only eight teams make the playoffs, and while there is plenty of season left, they don’t want to fall too far out of the hunt.

#6 Chemical Sweatpants (-3) vs #9 Das Boot: After being in last place for the first two weeks, the Sweats have taken 26 of 30 points the last two weeks to vault into 6th.  General Tso has been as hot as anyone, and Hungus is only a point behind him as they are 5th and 6th in the league.  Das Boot needs Mr. Stiffy and Pauly Ringwald to come up big as they are currently on the outside looking in for the playoffs.

#4 Team GB (-1) vs #10 Strike-A-Thon: Strike-A-Thon is better than 10th place, but have been throttled the last two weeks.  Still, with their rollers, they will rebound.  Team GB has reigning bowler of the week Rufio to accompany Gutterboy and pals, and are solid throughout.  This should be the game of the night.

#3 Drive Thrus (-1) vs #7 Green Bowl Packers: The Drive Thrus are coming off a 15-0 win and should be emotional for bowler of the week McQueen’s last game with the team.  Jerk is probably looking forward to chance to take down a Cheddar squad, and Bustah always gets fired up for such a matchup.  I think the Drive Thrus pull this one out, barely, with a little more depth.

#1 Autodraft (-11) vs #8 XX Chance Missed: Autodraft, while dominating, is still only 2 points ahead of the 5th place team.  They have the #1 and #2 bowlers in the league in Stevie Strikes and T-$, and no weak links.  the XXers should get fired up for this one, an Natro is due for a big night.  In the end, though, Autodraft is just a relentless machine that will wear them down.

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