Week 6 Lines

First, some honors.

Week 5 Bowlers of the Week: Dick Liquor, Dick’s Picks and Valley Girl Jess, Green Bowl Packers

Dick Liquor continues his climb up the rankings.  He rolled a 626 series, narrowly edging Hungus’ 622.  Unfortunately, his team still fell 9-6.  On the ladies’ side, Valley Girl Jess made her debut with a 169-183-178 series, also in a loss for her team.  Nice rolling.

The Lines:

#9 Strike-A-Thon (-1) vs #11 Dick’s Picks: Two OCers duke it out with Oz going up against Dick Liquor.  Oz has been the more consistent of the two but Dick’s hot right now. The number twos look even as well in Pistol Pete vs Shifter Pawl.  Hacksaw is out of town, but Xander will find a way to get the edge.  Both teams really ned the points to get into playoff contention.

#7 Green Bowl Packers (-3) vs #8 XX Chance Missed: Heading into the bye week, the Packers have a chance to solidify their spot as a playoff contender and get some separation from the free-for-all for 8th place.  Jerk will have to face down his old charge, the excitable Hot Mango Mike.  Mango has been a breakout player this season, and teams with Natro for an unlikely but successful duo.  The Valley Girl Jess vs Peanut matchup bears watching.

#10 Das Boot (-9) vs #12 Shot Pot Honey: SPH lost 2nd round draft pick Harlyn P before the season began, and may have found a replacement with Oolie.  Still, Das Boot is too good to be stuck in 10th, and they hope for a blowout win to get out of the basement region.

#4 Catalina Wine Mixer (-3) vs #5 Team GB: The Wine Mixers have gelled as well as any team in the league.  They look like a BoPo team out there with their camraderie.  Oh, plus Precious has started bowling lights out.  His job tonight will be to hang with Gutterboy while his teammates rack up the points.

#2 Autodraft vs #3 The Drive Thrus: Nice matchup here, but the Drive Thrus take a hit with this being the McBooth transition week, just as the McQueen portion of McBooth was catching fire.  Autodraft fell a litle in the standings with T-$ out, but if he’s back they’ll regroup in a hurry.

#6 Chemical Sweatpants (-1) vs #1 4 Boobs and Some Nutz: These are the top 2 teams in the league in terms of team average, so expect a shootout.  The Sweats have gone over 2000 pins and led the league each of the last three weeks, but La Gatita, Walter and Hot Sauce keep throwing 200’s like it was their job.  This is going to be an amazing battle, with the difference coming down to Slow Roll and Bubbles vs Easy E and Sasha Northfield.

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