Week 8 Lines

Just a heads up, there is a party here tonight from 5-7 using all the lanes.

It’s starting to get real, BoPo.  For the first time in any BoPo league not everyone makes the playoffs.  These regular season games count.  That said, the top 8 have a little separation from the gave-nots right now.  Some team on the outside looking in will need to take full advantage of those 60 potential points still out there.

#6 Green Bowl Packers (-1) vs #5 Autodraft: A few weeks ago Autodraft was on auto pilot and in 1st place.  Now teams are beating them, grabbing zero or one point against league top bowler Stevie Strikes, but picking up enough after that to win.  Autodraft is a totally different team when T-$ is their #2, and he could be there tonight.  The Packers have been surprising not in the fact that they’re winning, but that they’re winning without Jerk putting up big numbers.  He’s bound to snap out of it soon.  This should be a great battle.

#2 Catalina Wine Mixer (-1) vs #8 Strike-A-Thon: Another great matchup.  Precious will try to chase Oz all night to at least take the bullet for his team.  Then Catalina’s depth kicks in.  Xander’s team is more desperate for points, but I think they fall one short of the win.

#11 XX Chance Missed (-9) vs #12 Shot Pot Honey: The only way either of these teams gets back in the huint is with a 15-0 win, and even that might not be enough.  I think the XXers make one last stand and cruise to a 12-3 win.

#1 4 Boobs and Some Nutz (-5) vs # 7Team GB: Everyone in the bottom half is cheering for the Boob/Nutz in this one, hoping they can make up ground on the 7th place GBs.  Nuber put up big numbers last week, but the Boob/Nutz are loaded.  I think they’ll make everyone happy tonight.

#4 Chemical Sweatpants (-1) vs #3 Drive Thrus: This has the potential to be another great showdown.   The Sweats have the #1 average in the league and the DT’s are 3rd.  They are separated in the standings by 2 points.  Cheddar leads Hungus by 2 pins, but Hungus has three more 200+ games.  This is the biggest battle for BEER top dog since Spuds McKenzie and Alex from Strohs.  General Tso has been the breakout star of the league, though, and the depth of Cookie, Slow Roll and Bubbles should give the Sweats the slight edge.

#10 Dick’s Picks (-3) vs #9 Das Boot: The Picks are peeping about an unlikely playoff run.  Well, if they want to have any chance, they need to win big against the team right in front of them.  Das Boot hasn’t given up the dream yet either and a win for them gets them back in the race and knocks out a competitor.

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