One Week To Go!

I am back from my vision quest.  Here are some items of note heading into the last week:

Autodraft, Drive Thrus, Catalina Wine Mixer, 4 Boobs, Team GB and Chem Sweats have clinched playoff spots, though seeding is up for grabs.

Green Bowl Packers need 3 points against Strike-A-Thon to clinch.

Strike-A-Thon needs 12.5 points to clinch.

Das Boot needs some help.  They are 2.5 behind Strike-A-Thon.

XX Chance Missed needs a huge upset over the Drive Thrus and some help, trailing S-A-T by 5 and Das Boot by 2.5

Dick’s Picks and Shot Pot Honey look to end their seasons on a high note.

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