Week 11 Lines

#7 Green Bowl Packers (-3) vs #8 Strike-A-Thon:  This is the game with the most playoff implications.  The Packers cruised past a shorthanded Sweats last week to all but punch their playoff ticket, and Jerk has regained his form.  Strike-A-Thon is currently sitting in 8th, and everyone behind them is hoping they lose.  They have a 2.5 point edge on Das Boot, and 5 point lead on underdogs XX Chance Missed.  Oz will try to carry them across the finish line.

#4 4 Boobs and Some Nuts (-3) vs #9 Das Boot:  Das Boot needs to outscore Strike-A-Thon by 2.5 points somehow, but they are facing a solid team.  La Gatita and her Saucy Posse won’t roll over for them – they want a higher seed themselves.  Pauly Ringwald will need to rebound this week, and Ali will have to step up as Captain to get enough points.  Should make for fun watching.

#2 Drive Thrus (-5) vs #10 XX Chance Missed:  XX is trying to pull off a miracle comeback and sneak into the tournament, but they don’t have an easy draw.  The Drive Thrus have a singularly focused Big Cheese and an on-fire Double Cheese.  Natro can’t do it alone for XX.  Who will rise up to help him?  They need at least 9 points to have any chance of making it.

#5 Team GB (-13) vs #12 Shot Pot Honey:  Ho-hum.  Team GB should get a big boost in the standings with this one.  Unless of course L.S.S. finally stumbles on the magic roster combination of her ever rotating crew.

#6 Chemical Sweatpants (-5) vs # 11 Dick’s Picks:  The Picks have nothing to play for, though the Dr. insists that will free them. You know how much he hates competition.  The Sweats get their Captain and Slow Roll back, and are just playing for playoff positioning.  Hungus is three pins behind Pistol Pete for 4th place, so maybe that will turn into something.

#1 Autodraft (-3) vs #3 Catalina Wine Mixer:  Catalina has been in first for a long time, but now are in third and face falling even further.  They are pretty even keeled so i doubt it will bother them.  Autodraft is back where they feel they belong, and look to wrap up the top seed.

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