Who The Hell Is That?

A quick glance at the new teams in BowlPortland.

Genuine Expansion Teams

Guns Of Brighton (Thursday): A bit of a house team for Bayside, captained by former BoPoer (Hawse Pipe)/current lane guru Invisible Hand.  He’s pulled together a crew of Bayside vagabonds and plugged in the BowlTron 3030.

Duchess (Thursday): I don’t know what this team will be called, but it will be run by some combination of Duchess (Casco Bay League) and Snapshot (every league, seat at the bar).

Turkey Club (Tuesday): A gang of Monday night heroes who’ve been beating up on PortSports and are looking for more of a challenge.  They’ll get their first taste on opening night against the defending champs.


The Steves (Tuesday): May change their name to Back in Black.  These are the dudes from Team Micaela, but they went out on their own.  They’ll bring in Gutterboy’s Mom (no relation) to make sure they are ok.

Cunnning Linguists (Tuesday): Built from the remains of Shambles, Col. Angus will take the reins and push the oral sex puns.  He brings in La Gatita, Pauly Ringwald and a few lane regulars to go with the returning and much improved Gutterslut.

Name Changes

Tequila Mockingbird – used to be White Whale, used to be Dirty Half Dozen.  Continuing their literary tour.

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