Thursday Lines – Snow Edition

Here we go.  With OC falling on Tuesday, there’s a chance for a Thursday team to sneak into the big boys club on the power rankings.


Wrecking Balls (1-0) -3 vs Lesbowlians (0-1): The Balls caught a week 1 break with Pud’s missing the show, and so picked up a big 15-0 win without their top bowlers.  The Lesbowlians had opposite luck, rolling against a UREA! team that caught fire and losing 0-15.  Well, this game is at least guaranteed to be closer for both squads.

#13 TDYOB (1-0) -3 vs B.U.I. (1-0): This could be a very interesting game.  TDYOB is expected to cruise on Thursdays, and so when they struggle against a new team they tighten up a bit.  B.U.I. is playing with a ‘happy to be here’ attitude, has Cheddar coaching them when he’s free (which is often), and actually has some solid bowlers with plenty of league experience.  I’m probably reducing my power rankings to 15 teams next week: the winner of this will be in, the loser won’t.

Guacabowle (0-1) -1 vs Lovernauts (0-1): The Lovernauts continue their role as awesome league ambassador, playing a new team for the second week in a row.  This time they’ll have dance music since they play early, and that should help them a lot.  Guacabowle will have no idea what’s happening in BoPo with the contrast between their first two opponents.  They were game in week 1, and even though they may be the youngest team, they kick it 80’s style with Carl weathers and popped collars.

ICBING (0-1) -1 vs Happy Hands (1-0): The Hands got a big opening night win without their Captain, while ICBING got shellacked by an expansion team.  This line is about desperation, as ICBING needs it.  Actually, they don’t really care about any of their games other than Snakes On A Lane and TDYOB, but it would be a shame to see them fall into the April Fools Shootout just struggling for a bid to the tourney.  The Hands could be sitting pretty at 2-0 with a win.


Roll Another (0-1) -7 vs Madbotts (0-1): The Madbotts like to dance, and may have to polish up their hoedown moves with The Jerks of Grass playing for BoPo late games.  Maybe trade the fishnets for chaps for one week?  The mellower Roll Another likes the blugrass vibe, and should ride the Wabash Cannonball to a victory.

#12 Guns of Brighton (1-0) -7 vs Pud’s (0-1): The league spent hours on the curb waiting for Pud’s Taxi.  Well, must have been an issue with the dispatcher, but the Taxi insists it is showing up for Week 2.  The league doesn’t take kindly to no-shows, but Pud’s has three seasons under their belt so they get a mulligan.  G.O.B. looks like a strong contender for the Thursday crown behind Mr. Pickles and Invisible Hand.  This week they add fromer BEER star Coco Lopez…look out!

#9 YAY! (1-0) -3 vs #15 Snake On A Lane: Best game of the night (on paper).  Yay! should be nice and toasted by game three, and this week their match should still be close at this point.  Snakes is much more reserved, so might Ralphie’s cheers shatter their inner calm?  Dr Honniker is mastering the 10 second delay strike.  Never count him out.

#7 UREA! (1-0) -1 vs #16 Sweet Rolls (1-0): Second best game of the night (on paper).  UREA! is in uncharted waters for the franchise.  They are often lingering near the bottom of the pile, but find themselves sitting at #7 with a chance for a big win in week 2.  Knuckles and J-Bird are the wind beneath T-$’s enormous wings.  The Sweet Rolls are old=school, straight house ballers.  That could work out for them this season.  I’m going with T-$ in a nailbiter.

Tequila Mockingbird (0-1) -5 vs Goldilocks (0-1): They changed names again, and have TQMB stapled to thei bad-ass Whale shirts.  Now they’ve had a week to settle in, and should be looking at a W.  Harlyn P needed a week to understand the new pattern, and Riggs needed a week to get the pulse of his squad.  Goldilocks is happy about the tunes, happy about the league, happy about their opponent.  They are an iron-clad lock to have a good time.

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