Tuesday Lines

Team down! If only we had known two weeks ago we could have stayed with 40 teams, but so far I like what I’ve seen from Guacabowle so I guess it all worked out for the best.  Now we just need a new Thursday team… BoPo had seen two forfeits in four years and now two in two weeks?  Yikes.

Early Games

#18 Turkey Club (1-1) -1 vs Nuts (0-2): Interesting game here.  The Nuts have nothing to be ashamed of in losses to L.O.S. and Walkaways, but their averages aren’t what you’d expect.  The Clubbers got a win under their belt, but this one would be much more impressive.  Tango is the reigning free-bowling winner…

My Balls (0-1) -3 vs Splits Happen (0-2): Someone is getting their first win of the season.  My Balls captains Bubbles and Barry had the good sense to have their baby on their bye week, actually on their bye night.  Not sure when Elliott will make his BoPo debut but Barry wants a win for his son.  Splits seem to be scuffling along this year, having little go right since Leroy opened the season with 6 strikes.

N.E.D. (1-1) -3 vs Bowlderdash (0-2): Bowlderdash actually has a 12 pin higher average than NED.  Hmmm.  I have no idea what to make of this game as I haven’t really watched either team play yet.  I think BowlderDash may be wishing they were on Thursdays where they have more kindred spirits.  A win might change their tune, and with a bye week followed by Splits Happen, they could actually be at .500 after week 5 if they could pull this one out.  Alas, I don’t think they will.  Shifter Pawl is the best player in the match, so I give the edge to the so far underperforming N.E.D.s

#1 Walkaways (2-0) -13 vs Three Livers (0-2): Blame the schedule maker for this one.  I suggest both teams do a lot of shots.

Late Games

Incredibowls (1-1) -1 vs Pinups (1-0): The Pinups have been making an hilarious case for their inclusion in the top 20.  I tell you what, win this one and you’re in.  The Incredibowls rebounded nicely from a week one slaughter with a big win of their own.  I think it’ll stay close, but the Pinups go down, and Bayside runs out of OJ.

#2 Back In Black (2-0) -3 vs #9 Strikes of Hazzard (2-0): It doesn’t get any easier for the Strikes, but at this point they believe they belong with the big boys and relish the opportunity to prove it.  If they could follow up a win over Off Constantly with a win over BIB, then they would have the best early season resume in BoPo.  Back In Black was indeed Back in week 2, with Stevie Strikes finding his groove and Bama almost cracking a smile once.  They need to play like that again to get past the Hazzard upstarts.  Hazzard gets a huge advantage from this game being played late.

#3 B.E.E.R. (2-0) -4 vs #13 I.B.S. (1-1): Oolie and Cheddar are the only players so far this season with multiple 200+ games.  Of course Cheddar is three for three.  B.E.E.R. should be breaking out the new unis tonight, which may show a little midriff on Filthy and Hungus.  Hott.  I.B.S. plunger routine is one of the great pre-game celebrations in BoPo.

#14 Saucy Posse (1-1) -3 vs Young & Bowled (0-2): SauPo, be careful.  This team always plays best when nothing is expected of them.  They should win this game against a still-rusty Truth and frankenfingered Pistol Pete, so they will likely take it to the wire.  Walter is ready for a breakthrough week.  He can’t let his little brother steal all the glory.

#6 Off Constantly (1-1) -3 vs #8 Still L.O.S. (1-1): Both teams are coming off ugly losses.  The upside for OC is they were missing two-thirds of their roster.  LOS hopes last week was just a reflection of their BEEr allergy and not an indicator of bigger problems.  Mr. Stiffy is overdue, and he could put a hurting on OC this week.  Oz should be back for the defending champs, who probably have never lost two straight.  One team is going to leave this game really questioning themselves, but LOS probably needs it more with a game against Back in Black next week.

#4 Binga’s (1-1) -4 vs #20 Cunning Linguists (1-1): Grab some coffee Tso, you’ve got a late game.  Binga’s is looking strong yet again but do not have a cupcake here in week 3.  The Linguists have a ton of talent but haven’t been able to put it together yet.  Pauly Ringwald and La Gatita need to rediscover their games to keep this team competitive with the BoPo titans.  Jamaican Jerk fell back a little bit last week but he’ll be fine.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Lines

  1. Hungus doth flatter with the “-4” BEER/IBS prediction. Clearly he hasn’t noticed that this season our strategy of “drink first and care about bowling later” is not working out so well in the team scores department. There is a fine balance between fun and frustration in this game.

    1. Does anyone else find it hilarious that someone who claims to watch others’ grammar can’t even spell the word. That must be a disparate discipline.

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