Thursday Lines

First a shout out to Dombomb (Bowlderdash) and Shifter Pawl (N.E.D.) for competing in BoPo’s first official bowl-off on Tuesday.  Shifter Pawl looked to put it away early with an opening turkey, and broke out his ‘anti-aircraft’ celebration.  Dombomb kep his focus though, and spared the 6yh 7th and 8th frames while Shifter left them all open.  Suddenly a blowout was back within 10 pins.  Then in the 9th, Shifter closed his spare and Dombomb missed, and it was over.  Great stuff guys, and here’s to more bowloffs!

Early Games

Tequila Mockingbird (1-1) -10 vs Pud’s: Third time the charm for Pud’s?  They have promised to be back again, but this time the very life of their franchise is on the line.

#10 Guns of Brighton (2-0) -5 vs Guacabowle (1-1): The Guac’s picked up their first win and still pop collars.  G.O.B. definitely follows different fashion guidelines.  They are eager for a real opponent after ‘beating Puds’ last week.

#17 Happy Hands (2-0) -5 vs Lesbowlians (0-2): Happy Hands is uncharted waters for the franchise, and have a legitimate shot at starting 3-0 for what I assume is the first time.  The Lesbowlians are in uncomfortably familiar waters, trying to snap a losing streak.  This could be an interesting matchup as the averages of the teams are actually quite close.

B.U.I. (1-1) -3 vs #16 Wrecking Balls (2-0): BUI lost in the last frame last week or they’d still be ranked.  They look to exact some measure of revenge against the undefeated, if untested, Wrecking Balls.  Unfortunately for the Rambling Wreck, their top bowler will only be playing every other week, and this is not one of those weeks.  The Dude needs to have a big night.

Late Games

#11 TDYOB (2-0) -3 vs #15 Snakes On A Lane (1-1): TDYOB has been narrowly escaping, but they will be fired up for a frisbee battle.  I know, I know, the Dr. seems like an even-keeled guy who doesn’t get too up or down, but trust me, quietly he wants this win.  The Snakes hope that Honey Badger’s league leading average isn’t a fluke, and also, importantly, that he is actually bowling this week.

#5 Yay! (2-0) -9 vs Five O’s (1-0): Yay! looks to throw their weight around and stay the unquestioned top dawg for Thursdays.  The Slam Pigs have certainly proved a good fit for BoPo, and Ralphie and Mona have only experienced BoPo success. The 5 O’s are coming off a bye week, and walking into a buzzsaw.

Sweet Rolls (1-1) -7 vs Lovernauts (0-2): The Lovernauts will try to work their wiles on the last of the straight ballers.  Sweet Rolls have a chance to sneak back in to the top-20 with a win.  The Lovernauts need Rufio’s bowling magic to balance out their general dance move magic.  Also, Satchel needs to take just a tiny bit off that looper.

#19 Balls of Fury (0-1) -3 vs ICBING: The Furious ones look to justify being the only ranked team with no wins.  They’ve had a week off, and now all know what league they bowl in, so I like their chances.  ICBING seems to have lost their way a bit on the lanes, but are heroically leading the pack when it comes to doing shots.  That alone may move them back in to the top-20 in our hearts.  Kamikaze!

#7 UREA! (2-0) -11 vs Madbotts (0-2): UREA! rapid ascension should provide hope to all struggling franchises.  Overnight they have gone from the bottom of the barrel to a top 10 team staring at a 3-0 start.  The Madbotts don’t really care about all that, they are more focused on looking good, which they are accomplishing nightly.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Lines

    1. 150 or over every game is what I am setting the over under on. 141, 174, 159 158 avg last week in league. Goal is to better that 158 avg from last week. I’d say the odds are pretty good that I do, hit me up at if you want to wager something on it thunder watcher, but then you’d have to come out of your shell of anonymity….

      1. Umm no

        So you can beat me up?

        No thanks

        It’s much better this way

        Good luck on that 158 this evening.

        We’ll be watching.

      2. Yeah that is what I am about beating people up Peanut Gutter. See you at your house at 7.

      3. If the odds are good that you are going to best a 158 avg, how bout setting the line at 158.5?

      4. Agreed that’s my goal for the evening, 158.5 or better for an average this evening, not on the year, although I’m hoping that 148 rises significantly this evening……

    2. This guy is an idiot.

      Think all you want, but I am not Peanut Gutter.

      Looks like you didn’t do to well.

      1. It’s spelled too, not to, you tool.

        I’ll take a 153.7 any day of the week, and would kick your ass on the lanes any day of the week.

        Not to mention we are 3-0, curb stomped our opponent 13-2 and had a blast. Clearly you are not Peanut Gutter, he went to college and understands grammar…..

        So yeah you want to put something on it and meet at the lanes hit me up anytime.

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