Thursday Lines

Karl Hungus is disappearing for a few days.  Thursday stats and standings will be updated next Tuesday.  Enjoy the matches.

Early Game

#12 BUI (4-1) -3 vs Snakes On A Lane (2-3): Something feels fishy about this game.  I’m not on complete upset alert, but my ears are up.  BUI has been bowling well but may be getting ahead of themselves.  Snakes have been totally underperforming but Rosie and Dr. H can’t stay down forever.  I’ll go the safe route and take BUI by 3 but this game bears watching.

Guacabowle (2-3) -3 vs Pud’s Taxi (1-4): Guacabowle has a real chance to get to .500 with a win over Pud’s.  They will have to overcome Dink Mastercard’s new Spongebob ball.  Not easy.

Tequila Mockingbird (2-2) -1 vs ICBING (3-2): The Birds battled GOB closely last week without their captain but couldn’t quite get there.  Harlyn P did show signs of life late, though.  ICBING has quietly rolled off three straight wins to get above .500, and a win would be big.  I think it will go down to the wire but I’m going with Tequila.

#17 TDYOB (4-1) -3 vs Roll Another (2-2): TDYOB got the wind knocked out of them by an inspired Lovernauts squad last week.  Now they get to show they can rebound.  Roll Another is no pushover, coming off a nice win even with Uncle Buck and The Package a little off their games.  Nice clash of styles.

Late Games

#9 Sweet Rolls (3-1) -7 vs Balls of Fury (1-3): Sweet Rolls are dangerous, and a real threat for Thursday’s top spot.  I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen.  Balls Of Fury have their work cut out for them against Candy Man and co.

Wrecking Balls (3-2) -1 vs 5 O’Clock Someweheres: The Wreck got a real scare last week, falling behind 6-4 to the Madbotts before rallying late.  The Dude will have to roll better to win, though i think they have Swing back this week and he could be a difference maker.  The 5 O’s mounted a great rally against HHP last week that fell just short but left them feeling pretty good about themselves.  Another awesome matchup in a week of good games.

Luvernauts (1-3) -1 vs #20 UREA! (3-2): Here’s my big upset pick.  Anyone who watched the Luvernauts last week can’t help but be excited, but who knows, maybe it was a fluke.  UREA! has T-$ and Knuckles who are sure to roll well and get their points, but I’m betting on one more week of Lovernaut magic.

Madbotts (0-5) –1 Goldilocks (0-4): Someone’s gotta win!  Madbotts get the edge here because CC Boom Boom rolled a 172 last week.

#4 Guns of Brighton (5-0) -1 vs #4 Yay! (5-0): Luckily I’ll be gone before Micaela reads this.  This is a great matchup of the top two Thursday squads and will leave only one undefeated team.  Yay! parties harder and is deeper.  GOB has the best bowler in the match in Mr. Pickles.  Mona and Ralphie have been showing off nice rolls, but Coco Lopez is battle tested.  Invisible Hand and Ralphie have a lot of emotions tied up in the result.  I’ll not confidently pick the Hand by 1 point.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Lines

  1. Who won these match ups? So far here is what I have assembled winners: BUI, YAY!, TDYOB, ICBING, who won the remaining match ups? Did the Lovers get a second unprecedented upset? Also thanks a lot lovers TDYOB was on a mission last night, you could hear the “Booms!” all over the lanes, keep it down you freaks!

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