Thursday Lines

Early Games

#3 Yay! (7-0) -9 vs #10 TDYOB (6-1): This one loses much of its excitement and most of its noise with Dr. Thunder out of town.  In fact TDYOB is missing half of its team, and shouldn’t put up much of a fight against a Yay! team that is dominating Thursday nights.  Yay! has a clean shot at 12-0.

#18 Happy Hands (5-1) -7 vs Madbotz (0-7): Happy Hands is on the verge of quietly getting to 6-1.  Very interesting.  The Madbotts have been showing signs of life in losing a couple of very close matches.  This won’t be the cakewalk it might have been in the past, but Happy Hands should put this one away pretty handily.

Roll Another (2-4) -3 vs Guacabowle (2-4): A close game both in the standings and in average.  Both teams need this one to steer clear of the April Fools Shootout.  Roll Another has far more experience to all back on, so I’ll take them over the dancing, excitable rookies, but not by much.

Wrecking Balls (4-2) -3 vs Balls of Fury (1-5): Don’t let the records fool you, these two teams are very evenly matched.  Wrecking Balls enter the game with a slight 4 pin advantage in average.  They have a top bowler who shows up every other week and I’ve lost track of what week it is.  Balls of Fury have had some close calls and probably deserve a better record than they have.  That said, I think they get another close loss.

Late Games

#6 G.O.B. (6-1) -5 vs #19 Sweet Rolls (4-2): G.O.B. doesn’t have much to look forward to after their loss to Yay!, but just want to try to stay sharp over the next month and wrap up the #2 seed.  The Sweet Rolls were media darlings, climbing as high as 9 in the power rankings but took a beating from ICBING last week.  Not a good warmup for a showdown with GOB.  They need to rediscover the magic.

#15 ICBING (5-2) -7 vs Pud’s Taxi (2-5): ICBING is rocketing up the standings with five straight wins, and this looks like number 6.  None of them are bowling up to their potential, but they are doing enough to win.  Pud’s is actually 2-3 in games they’ve attended, so they are better than their record suggests, but I don’t think they have the guns to slow the ICBING train down.

Lesbowlians (1-5) -1 vs Lovernauts (1-5): The Luvernauts have faded since their huge upset over TDYOB a few weeks ago.  The Lesbowlians had their momentum stopped with a big loss last week.  One of these teams will get back on track and grab an important 2nd win.  The Rufio vs Tilt-A-Whirl battle pits Thursday’s #3 woman bowler vs its #1.  Sould be a fun game.

#20 Tequila Mockingbird (3-3) -5 vs 5 O’s (2-4): Take a look at the rest of the T-Birds schedule, and you notice they’ll be favored in every game.  A 9-3 finish and they would be an interesting playoff team with all their championship experience.  The 5 O’s can’t afford to look forward, they need to take it one game at a time.  When the pull together they have a little fight in them.

#17 UREA! (4-2) -9 vs Goldilocks (1-5): UREA! went back under the radar with a couple of losses and a week off, but they have started winning again and should be able to cruise to 5-2 with this one.  Goldilocks is glad to have the winless monkey off their back, but they’ll need two or three more wins to escape the April Fools’ Shootout.

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