Championship Day Festivities: The Strike Dance Competition

One new event this year will be the Strike Dance competition.  It will take place before the finals.  Each contestant will get three chances to roll a strike, and then they will get judged for their strike dance.  Please let me know if you would like to be considered as a contestant, want to nominate a contestant, or would like to be on the judges panel.

11 thoughts on “Championship Day Festivities: The Strike Dance Competition

  1. Gulp. Only 3 tries for a strike. If I make it past that hurdle, the sheer unadulterated joy in my strike dance will be unbeatable.

  2. This idea is perfection.
    I would hope that firing a turkey would increase one’s chances of winning threefold. But not everyone has the moves like Jagger… which i do… so consider me in.
    I not only talk the talk and walk the walk. I dance the dance… in a trance, without my pants.

    1. Oolie, you can’t nominate and elect yourself into this competition. Having said that, I’ll nominate you. You’re a good bowler, better than me, I’ll admit that. One thing I won’t admit is that you will never be able to top my dance moves.

  3. I nominate Steve McQueen. His jump through the leg loop is right up there.

    I believe the number of strikes in the three chances should be factored in too.

  4. How about Dr Blunder?

    He could flex, yell and then breakdance.

    Wait, 3 chances to roll a strike? He might need a few more chances than that.

    Could you bend the rules a little?

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