Thursday Lines

Not much got resolved on Tuesday…almost everything is still up for grabs.  How about Thursday?  Here are some things on the line with two games to go.  Oh, and all byes are done.

Yay! can wrap up the top seed with a win.

Actually, that’s about it.  Four teams are 3-7 trying to stay out of that 6th to last spot.  Lot’s of good battles, but really it will just push everything to the final week. There are some great matchups this week however.

Early Games

#14 Sweet Rolls (7-3) -9 vs Guacabowle (3-7):  Sweet Rolls should have no trouble in this one.  Guac still has some hope to avoid the play-in round if they can beat Goldilocks in Week 13.

Tequila Mockingbirds (6-4) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (6-4):  A couple of teams that have been around, and both with the same record.  The Wreck are struggling with a 481 team average.  Meanwhile the T-Birds are showing some signs of life, with Harlyn P starting to rebound from early season woes.  Usually when he starts to get hot he drives to Missouri or something though so don’t get too high on these guys yet.

#11 B.U.I. (8-2) -3 vs #18 ICBING (7-3):  ICBING had their seven game win streak snapped last week and it doesn’t get any easier.  A win here shakes up the standings though.  B.U.I. is trying to make a push for the 2nd seed and would like a couple quality wins heading in to their first ever playoffs.

#9 Yay! (9-1) -5 vs #15 Happy Hands (8-2): Yay! has been in a bit of a slide lately but did manage to win in the last frame of their last game to stay at the top of the standings.  Happy Hands has been overlooked all year, but rebounded from a three pin loss two weeks ago with a big win last week to set up this huge game.  A win here, and they would be in first place holding the tie-breaker.  Wow.

#8 G.O.B. (8-2) -5 vs #13 UREA! (8-2): Yet another game matching teams with strong records.  UREA! has won their last two games by something like 6 pins total, but wins are wins.  G.O.B. had the week off and has been waiting for this matchup.  T-$ vs Mr. Pickles and Invisible Hand vs Knuckles are great battles at the top, but J-Bird will need a career night for UREA to pull off the upset.

Late Games

#10 TDYOB (8-2) -9 vs Pud’s Taxi (2-8):  Pud’s is locked into the play-in round, but they haven’t given up.  They’ve been in here practicing lately and hope to make a little noise.  TDYOB gets to rack up a win while all the other top teams knock each other off.  They are unlikely to be complacent after getting Lovernauted earlier.

Lesbowlians (3-7) -5 vs Goldilocks (1-9):  Big game for the Lesbowlians as a win almost guarantees them a playoff spot.  Goldilocks has been bowling better lately, and would love to drag another team down into the April Fools Shootout with them.

Snakes On A Lane (6-4) -7 vs Balls of Fury (2-8):  Snakes are looking to break back in to the top 20 with a win and hopefully get a better first round draw.  Balls Of Fury must win out to avoid the play-in round.

Roll Another (3-7) -5 vs 5 O’s (2-8):  Roll Another has been within one frame of victory the last two weeks but fallen just shy.  They are significantly better than their record.  Luckily for them they still have a chance to qualify for the playoffs with a couple of wins.  The 5 O’s are play-in bound, but enjoying every minute of it.

Lovernauts (3-7) -5 vs Madbotts (0-10):  Suddenly, the Lovernauts could go on a two game winning streak.  As for the Madbotts, with ICBING up next this is probably their last chance to break into the win column.










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