Sunday Shootout

Holy cow, the playoffs are here!  One and done time, BoPo changes dramatically when we get to this point.

Let’s take a look at the play-in rounds, which start tomorrow.  Everyone is encouraged to come watch and add to the playoff excitement.

Play In 1 Bracket (winner plays B.E.E.R. on Thursday)

Pinups plays Pud’s first.  Anything is possible in the one-game format.  Three points takes it, so anyone having a big game can make the difference.  Pinups have more players capable of “the big game”, and should be able to advance to a match-up with Young & Bowled.

Then we’ve got the semis.  Y&B should handle the play-in winner.  That is, if they have four players.  There’s a good chance they’ll only have three.  I still think they could win with just three with Pistol Pete and The Truth there.  On the other side, the 5 0’s play Three Livers.  The 5 0’s finished their season with a thrilling bowloff win and are excited to be here.  Three Livers may be a little less excited, but they have more big guns and should get through to play Y&B.  If Y&B has all four, I think they get through.  If they have three, and Three Livers brings Bernie and Wilma, Three Livers makes the tourney.

Play In Bracket 2 (winner plays Back In Black Tuesday)

Splits Happen play Goldilocks in the first play-in.  Goldilocks won the play-in last year, but Splits looks to have the heavier hitters.  In the other play-in, Balls of Fury play Bowlderdash, and I have no idea how that one will go.  I guess I’ll take Bowlderdash because they played a tougher schedule.

Splits should advance to the semis, and I think they’ll take down the Lovernauts, as the Lovernauts will be unlikely to field a full squad.  Bowlderdash would play I.B.S., and I think I.B.S. is going to step up.  They won without “Who-lie” last week and  think they belong in the tourney.

I.B.S. vs Splits would be a great game.  I’ll give a slight edge to I.B.S., but I could see the Splits catching lightning in a bottle.  Both teams would face a crazy task in beating Back In Black, but just winning the shootout would be a solid achievement.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Shootout

    1. Trust me he needs the work on his ultimate skills, because no offense, but he straight up sucks. Total team killer, he most likely won’t be drafted this year and will kill someone’s team getting assigned in the late rounds. Total out of control hack on the field to, he has no problem just running a girl right over.

  1. And Oolie’s team got sent home, wonder where the smack talk is?????

    Very weak season on the lanes and the board from Oolie.

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