Anyone who didn’t realize that the playoffs are an entirely different animal than the regular season knows it after last night’s games.  They know it after Thursday 14 seed Guacabowle opened with a 660 before eventually falling to the Walkaways.  They know it after defending champ Off Constantly, which looked dead on its feet, cruised to a 10-0 win with the bright lights on.  They knew it when Marv Gomez came within one strike of a 5-0 game three that would have forced a bowloff.  And most of all they knew it after play-in winner Balls of Fury pushed Back in Black late into a third game (in what would have been a tie after 2 other than Stevie Strikes sensational 222-221 win over Hot Pocket in game 1.)  Stevie Strikes had a great night for the favorites, but did yell out on two occasions “where’s my team” as they struggled with the upstarts.

The playoffs are here and they did not disappoint.  Tuesday went 7-1, with only B.U.I. making a stand for Thursday night so far.  Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all the people who came to watch and helped create a fantastic playoff atmosphere.

T1 Back in Black def PI 2 Balls of Fury

T3 Walkaways def Th 14 Guacabowle

T4 Cunning Linguists def Th 13 Lesbowlians

T5 Binga’s def Th 12 Roll Another

Th 4 BUI def Tu 13 Incredibowls

T8 Turkey Club def Th 9 Snakes On A Lane

T9 Pinny Candy def Th 8 Happy Hands

T10 Off Constantly def Th 7 Sweet Rolls


















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