Yeah baby!

Upsets galore.  First, LOS went down 8-7 to Tequila Mockingbird who held on to a 7-3 lead.  Guns of Brighton survived the early shift 8-7 over Saucy Posse.  Then in the late shift, #1 seed Yay! edged #16 seed No Eye Deer by 1 PIN!  Looked like a night of mostly close calls, but then Young & Bowled sealed the deal in their comeback from 5-0 down to pull an epic upset over B.E.E.R.  That’s right folks, this tournament is wide open.  Congrats tot he ‘dogs, it was your day.

5 thoughts on “Yeah baby!

  1. Great bowling last night. Bayside had an electric feel to it. TDYOB looked strong thru all 3 games, Y&B…..down goes Frazier. Yay, see you on Tuesday, bring your green hat, and drinking shoes.

    1. We won in two homeboy. Yay! vs XXX Club, love it!!! That’s gonna be off the hook, I want to see both teams throwing 600-700 at each other.

      1. Yeah but you could’ve turned the gas on if you wanted to, gracious winners in the true spirit of BoPo. I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but last night warrants said admission, on many a front (how’d the beer taste). Yay v T Club is going to be insane. I predict both teams showing up blacked out, I also predict 0 team games below 600, it’s on Ralphie.

  2. What is the Thursday versus Tuesday tally now, out of the 16 still standing what is the Tuesday/Thursday split??????
    Thursday still alive: Yay!, GOB, TDYOB, BUI, ICBING, Tequila
    Tuesday still alive: Y&B, OC, BIB, Pinny Candy, Bingas, Walkaways, Strikes, Nutz, Cunning, XXX Club

    Okay I figured it out Tuesday 10, Thursday 6

    Roll Thursday!

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