Walkaways – 2012 BowlPortland Champions

Last night the Walkaways defeated Turkey Club 8-2 (in BoPo’s first ever two-game finals) to wrap up an amazing season.  they led the league in average from the first night and never let up.  Congrats to Valley Girl, The Dentist, Buckeye Booth (2nd title), Danny Diesel (2nd title), Coco and team Captain Natro (game 1 236).

Anyone who was there will assure you not to miss the next one – the Bowling Ball was incredible!  Thanks to everyone for being a part of season 5…see some of you in the Draft League, and all of you for BoPo 6.  We will be having a number of one day tournaments this summer as well, so check in every now and then.

Karl Hungus

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