Kingshit Pools Drawn

Today a group of five players oversaw the random drawing of the tournament pools.  The results are below.  Remember, you will play each of your pool opponents once.  The top two teams (by record) advance to a 16 team single elimination knockout bracket.


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
Stevie Strikes Cheddar Hungus The Dentist Mr. Pickles Bama Jamaican Jerk Natro
Bustah Nuber La Gatita Roadhouse Pauly Ringwald T-$ E Minor Invisible Hand
Shifter Pawl Gutterboy Precious General Tso McQueen Gutterslut Skittles Hot Sauce
Dick Liquor Tango Yao Romo Deputy Tom Smallwood Cookie The Truth Pistol Pete
Duchess Mr. Stiffy Coco Lopez Booth Whitty Roy Munson Valley Gurl Double Cheese


7 thoughts on “Kingshit Pools Drawn

    1. Gutterboy over Hungus 193-191.

      Hungus over Cheddar in the its so hard to say good bye to yesterday match.

      GB over TSO in the vastly different hairstyles match.

      Props to GB.

    1. Who the F is Hexy?
      I might need a sub, didn’t realize this was Memorial Day weekend and might be out of town

  1. Oh it’s on! First off? Who the F is Whitty?

    I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t draw a pool with at least 1 person I like smack-talking, but why should that stop me? Won’t.

    No Thunder? Sweet, we don’t have to listen to him pontificate and draw references to TDYOB’s deep run into BoPo 5’s playoffs and how it will likely aid him here.

    1. The Phoenix hath risen from the ashes. Bowl Portland’s finest is dusting off the peroneal nerve and toeing the line for one last shot at greatness.

      Thunturd is off camping with his family that weekend, good it will save him some money.

      This is Cheddar’s tournament everyone else is just living in it……

  2. If people withdraw from the tournament, their replacement will be placed in the pool they are leaving, pools will not be re-drawn

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