Tuesday Preview

The Play-Ins

#7 Deez Knees (5-6) -1 vs #10 Supah Deep (4-7): Supah did knock off Knees in their regular season match.  And Hungus beat Jerk in a Draft League roll-off a couple years back.  And Cookie is no longer a 5th year rookie.  And Supah Deep’s miracle finish to reach the playoffs seems to give them the ‘fate’ edge. However, Deez Knees just came off their most complete game of the season.  Jerk has been dominant all year, but was finally joined by Captain Diesel, and Tango (at least temporarily) got his stuff together.  They may have a lineup controversy brewing in choosing between Hexy and Windiesel, but slight edge going in to the Knees four days from gametime.

#8 Buttresses (5-6) -1 vs #9 Slackers (5-6): This one will be contentious.  The Slackers are coming off a stunning shellacking of Dick’s Picks and have a ton of momentum and confidence.  Seatown has had the highest woman’s average in BoPo the last two weeks, Herk finally broke the 200+ league plateau, and Bombpop just wrapped up a season that cements him as a top-tier BoPoer.  T-$ leads the Buttresses, and should be in battle with Bompop.  Gutterboy, reigning Kingshit as he’ll happily remind you, should battle Herk and have the experience edge.  A motivated Knuckles going up against Seatown should produce a big score.  So what about 4th, and intangibles?  Capt. Hand will fill that role for the Slackers.  Not sure if the Buttrii will go with Peanut Gutter or El Hombre (who is coming off a week where he averaged 200).  I think T-Square makes the right pick, and Buttresses advance in a nailbiter, something along 800-780 lines.  Hell, maybe even a roll-off!

The Quarterfinals

#8 Buttresses (5-6) -1 vs #1 Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (8-3): What the hell is Hungus smoking, you may be asking yourself.  ‘Several things’ is the answer, but there is still logic behind this pick.  T-$ vs Bama would be a showdown of two of the league’s purest bowlers, so I’ll call it a wash (though I don’t think Gutterboy is above trying to play some mind games with Bama).  Gutterboy vs Romo is another wash, this season anyway.  Knuckles v Ralphie is another great, but even contest.  Dick may have the edge in 3rd guy bowlers.  But there is a real chance of self-sabotage on this team.  They’re talented but a little rattled after losing their last two games (to the two teams playing the play-in to get a rematch with them), and have all the pressure.  T-Square’s team on the other hand is all on the same page, she is captaining to win, and they are not afraid of this matchup.

(If The Slackers win the play-in, my pick would be Dick’s Picks by 1)

#7 Deez Knees (5-6) -3 vs #2 Bowling On Bath Salts (8-3): You know your team’s in trouble when your teammates change the team name to ‘Beer Frame (insert Captain’s name)’.  Bath Salts are having fun doing it, but they are crumbling at the wrong time.  A Deez team coming off a playoff win would be fired up and confident, and I think it could turn into a romp. I’d also pick Supah Deep if they won the play-in, but by a much smaller margin.

#3 Roll Models (7-3) -3 vs #6 Lane’s Addiction (5-6):  Lane’s was 3-6 and outside looking in  going into their final night.  Then they cruised to a double-header victory and now find themselves in 6th place in a regular playoff game.  They wanted this matchup after a heartbreaking one point loss to the Models earlier this season.  Careful what you wish for.  The Roll Models, behind league #2 Double Cheese, have the 2nd best average in the league and are rolling well.  Bustah and Snapshot have been good for a few 200+ games a week and Rufio/Big Red are getting them points.

#4 Ooh, That’s A Bingo (7-4) -1 vs #5 Split For Brains (6-5): This could have been a finals matchup as both of these teams are bowling very well.  Bingo kind of sleepwalked through their last game with Oz on vacation and a playoff spot secure.  They’ll be back for this however, and Oz, Deputy and Nuber are a tough trio.  They will need more from Tilt-A-Whirl, but she’s been waiting for this kind of opportunity.  Plus Sasha has some past big game experience.  Split For Brains is only #5 because League #1 Precious missed 5 or so games.  When he is there, and Pauly and Roadhouse get to play the two and three spots with no pressure, this team is impressive.  Moreso than any other 1st round match I see this one being determined by the ladies.  Bora Bora was in BoPo finals last year, and Marne is a quiet assassin, but I’m giving the edge to the Tilt-A-Whirl/Sasha combo in an extremely close match.





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