BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 40-36

36 days til opening night.  I will be previewing every team, releasing the preseason rankings in order.

40. Goldilocks and the 5 Spares (5th season); Captain – La Striking Senorita; Division – Thursday B

The team in Pink is back for a fifth season and still looking for a signature win.  They have won a trophy for best name back in the day for Great Gay Bear.  They are a fun squad, well loved by BoPo rivals.  They are hoping their experience adds up to a few wins in Thursday B this year, but if not they’ll be the friendly, happy ones at the bowl-in.

39. 5 O’Clock’s Somewheres (3rd Season); Captain – Tillie; Division – Thursday B

Tillie got her start back on Oolie and Wut What’s 2009 Die Gassenjungen squad.  She took home the 2011 Captain of The Year award, and her teams seem to be having a blast each season.  They are also good at coming in for team dinners.  They will need more from B.I.L.F. and Tha Ruckus to win a few more games this season.

38. Lovernauts (4th season); Captain – Ichtanzegern; Division – Thursday B

The Lovernauts do their part to keep to keep the BoPo spirit alive, drinking and dancing all match regardless of score.  Ichy is also from the Oolie/Wut What line, getting her start on Die Gass.  The Lovernauts signature win was last year’s upset of TDYOB, but they have the potential to win a few more this year in the Thursday B division. They had Rufio and Luka playing draft league this year, and Rufio made it to the finals.

37. Splits Happen (3rd season); Captain – Xander Rolle; Division – Tuesday B

Xander is the first 150+ average bowler on any of the teams listed so far.  His team is hard to read, as few squads have had more turnover than these guys.  Frankly I have very little idea who will be on the roster this year, but until I hear rumors of a big free agent signing these guys stay ranked where they are.

36. Wrecking Balls (6th season); Captain – The Dude; Division – Thursday B

The Wrecking Balls are an Original team, but have been in steady decline for all six years of their existence.  2010 was perhaps their highlight, as they had the lead on eventual champ BEER 6-4 in the first round.  But that was back in the glory days of Lefty and Arnie.  Now their best player Swing makes only a couple games a year, and the the new signings haven’t paid off.  This year they will bring in some young talent as Dude Jr. becomes the youngest BoPo-er.  Let’s see if he helps them turn things around.





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