Thursday Lines

This is the first round of crossover games as four Tuesday B teams venture into enemy territory.  Lots of games, too, with 10 lanes early and 12 lanes late

Game Of The Week

#4 Guns of Brighton (2-0) -1 vs #10 Young And The Bowled (2-0):  This should be a great one.  Y&B was the last team to register this year, but apparently they were just sandbagging.  They have built on their big playoff win last year to start 2-0.  They rallied to beat B.U.I., then cruised to a 14-1 win last week.  Pistol Pete is crushing pins, and Senator ITZ has put himself in the hunt for an all-star bid.  Lou Dawg should be on hand for an emotional lift (and maybe a couple more 170s).  The Guns were expected to be here and they’ve done everything they needed to do – they’ve won both games 15-0.  Mr. Pickles straightened things out and is headed back to the top of the stats page.  Bowltron 3030 crushed last week going 2 for 2 on 200s.  GOB will be missing Hootie.  The individual matchups are great.  Pickles vs Pistol, Lucky vs Seatown, Senator ITZ vs Invisible Hand, Lou Dawg vs Bowltron 3030…Grab a seat early for this one, it’s a huge early season match.


Early Games

CROSSOVER – #19 Happy Hands (1-0) -3 vs My Balls (0-1): This one features a couple of the prime players in founding BoPo – Bubbles and Sasha Northfield.  They may be on different nights now but this is a friendly rivalry that goes back to BoPo 1.  Should be a close match this time but I’ll give the slight edge to the home team.

CROSSOVER – Three Livers (1-1) -1 vs Lesbowlians (0-1): Another crossover that reunites a couple of old school rivals.  Three Livers has a slight average advantage coming in but the Lesbowlians have only played one game so far.  Tilt-A-Whirl has started the season strong and will try to carry her team to the upset.

CROSSOVER – #15 UREA! (1-0) -5 vs Bowlderdash (1-1): Don’t look now but UREA! has had a roster makeover and look primed to challenge for the Tuesday B crown. Bowlderdash had a nice start but really fell apart last week against the Wrecking Balls.  T-$ should dominate this match, and Steff Infection, J-Bird and Knuckles are a very strong crew of ladies.  Michael Bowlton will need a big game and a return to form from Dombomb.

Roll Another (1-1) -11 vs Bad News Spares (0-2): Roll Another had a big win last week and now should have an easy time moving above .500.  The Package picked up the team’s first 200 last week, too.  The Spares can set their sights on other goals – this week, get the team average above 400.

#9 TDYOB (2-0) -9 vs Snakes on a Lane (0-2):  I’m not sure what happened to Snakes.  They seem to be the only team to have seriously regressed in the offseason.  They have a chance to shake that and rebound against a team they’d love to beat.  Thunder and Munson are hoping to pull another blowout and solidify their early all-star positioning.

Late Games

#11 Cape Fear (1-1) -9 vs I.B.S. (0-2): The Capers played Yay to a 5-5 tie before running out of steam.  That shouldn’t be a problem for them this week against I.B.S.  Oolie and crew are working to get back to form and it may be a season long process.  They will win some games, but I don’t think this is one of them.

CROSSOVER – Guacabowle (1-1) -1 vs Pinups (0-2): If this goes the way I think, Tuesday and Thursday will each get two wins on the night.  Guac has been putting in time in the league and is really working to become a part of BoPo in just their 2nd year.  The Pinups are in year 6 and would love to teach the whippersnappers a lesson.  This game should come down to the wire.

Lovernauts (1-1) -5 vs 5 O’Clocks (0-2): This one will be a lovefest.  These teams are all bound together with several former teammates now on opposite sides.  Neither team is likely to care at all what the final results are.  The Lovernauts’ bowler tryouts have been interesting – last week they gave Saw a shot and he bowled pretty well for them.  Will he make the cut or will they keep shopping?

#18 Clockwork Oranges (2-0) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (2-0):  The battle for first in Thursday B!  Clockwork is no surprise, they have a championship pedigree and some experienced bowlers.  The Wrecking Balls are a bit more surprising, mostly due to their 476 average (ranked 38th in BoPo) getting them a 2-0 start.  Maybe they’ve got some magic, and teams are bowling down against them.  Will be interesting to watch.

#16 B.U.I. (1-1) -3 vs Sweet Rolls (0-2): The Sweet Rolls have had a tough schedule to start and get another tough one here.  They are a desperate team though and that makes them dangerous.  B.U.I. got a big win last week after a narrow week 1 loss.  They would love to start a winning streak.




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