Thursday Lines – Weird Edition!

Game of the Week

early: #17 Roll Another (2-1) -3 vs #19 Wrecking Balls (3-0): Aw snap! This rivalry goes way back, but this may be the first time it’s been Game of the Week material. The Wrecking Balls are defying all expectations, and all laws of statistics, with their 3-0 start.  They rolled a 45 last week!  They won 11-4 two weeks ago with a sub-500 average.  It’s awesome!  The Dude Jr. really brought it last week and took a couple top points.  The Dude also seems to have had a breakthrough and has a good Father/Son type relationship working with his #2 bowler.  Roll Another is captained by the legendary Chupacabra.  Oh yeah, the rivalry.  Well Chup used to work for the Dude.  As you can imagine from observing their two personalities, it was animated and emotional.  Well Chup’s his own goat-sucker now, and he’s flanked by The Package and Uncle Buck.  Pistols at noon?  Nah, how about bowling balls at 5:45?  Division lead on the line.

Really early Game (5:00pm)

#4 Guns of Brighton (3-0) -1 vs #16 Off Constantly (0-3):  This is fascinating (to me).  Tuesday A teams are bowling at a ridiculous pace right now.  S.O.D. just averaged an 807 on Tuesday. WTF? So how does an 0-3 Tuesday A team, an old-school bull of a team with two banners, stack up against the Thors of Thursday?  I am looking forward to finding out (which I will in real time because I have to pick up Nuber’s bar shift so he can bowl in this game, so come tip me well). G.O.B. loves a challenge, and they bowled best when they thought they would be tested (14-1 was closer than 15-0 I guess).  They are psyched to carry the Thursday banner first, before all the giant crossover matchups next week.

Early Games

Lesbowlians (0-2) -1 vs Clockwork Oranges (2-1): Upset special.  The Lesbowlians are underdogs and have yet to win, but they are ready to.  They got a 200 from Billie last week, added Fuzzy from the old Pud’s squad, and Tilt-A-Whirl is due.  The Oranges sleepwalked through a match with the Wrecking Balls and woke up with a loss.  They are perhaps uncomfortable in their new names.  Riggs can loosen them up with a round of milks.

#15 B.U.I. (2-1) -9 vs Snakes on A Lane (0-3): Snapshot is tearing it up right now.  He’s posted some massive scores in 2 v 2, and is in all-star position for B.U.I.  He also has Happy Feet Pete making a name for himself.  They have recovered nicely from losing the season opener and are heavy favorites in this one.  I don’t know how to comment on the Snakes.  I’m just going to say nothing until they figure it out themselves.

#8 TDYOB (3-0) -5 vs Sweet Rolls (0-3): Don’t look now, but we are almost out of undefeated teams.  TDYOB is quite aware.  They would love to be the last.  They just need to not look ahead to next week’s test with B.I.B. The Sweet Rolls have had a tough schedule and it doesn’t get any easier with TDYOB – and Binga’s next week (though the second half softens significantly).  They are looking to be known for more than Hot Tamale’s Magic 24 MPH House Ball, but until they are, it is still a sight to behold.

Late Games

Happy Hands Productions (1-1) -3 vs 5 O’Clocks (1-2): Does everyone know about Happy Hands?  They are a 6th year team.  Sasha Northfield is an original Council of Keglers member.  Do you even know about the Council?  These guys have been around, and they have hands on their boobs.  The 5 O’s are a spinoff of Die Gassenjungen.  They are Joanie Loves Chachi.  They love to bowl, and are fun to watch.  Now you know, the rest of the story.  I’ll pick the Hands in the actual game.

Bowlderdash (1-2) -1 vs Lovernauts (1-2): Michael Bowlton is having an excellent year for his Bowlderdahsers, but the team can’t get together at the same time.  Dombomb is having some big games.  They are right on the cusp of winning more.  The Lovernauts had a big opening night win but have lost the last two.  Not that they care, or maybe even realize.  The scores are below secondary to them.  They just want to look good, and bowling makes you look good.  Haven’t you seen the Bowl Sexy shirts?

#9 Cape Fear (2-1) -1 vs #14 Young & Bowled (2-1): This is a sneaky good game.  These team are both on the cusp of competing for the division crown but they can’t afford a loss to the other if they want to be there at the end.  Y&B got set back on their heels a little bit by a fired up Guns of Brighton.  One regular season loss to a very good team doesn’t have to be that big a setback, but this team thrives on momentum and it will be interesting to see how they react against a very good opponent.  Cape Fear want to be elite, but aren’t sure of themselves.  Who am I?

#7 Yay! (3-0) -7 vs Pinny Candy (0-2): Fact. If I’m writing the lines at the bar, after enjoying a nice day off, and I forgot your game then realize I needed one more preview, your writeup gets short shrift.  FACT!  So, Yay! looks good, just seeing how many all-stars they can get.  I think Mona (developing a killer shot), Ralphie and Yao make it.  They just need to stay focused and not start thinking about BEER. Pinny Candy needs a kickstart, or a reboot, or something.  This is going to be a tough game to turn things around in.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Lines – Weird Edition!

  1. Wrecking Ball is junk give me Roll Another -3, final score will be 12-3 Roll.

    OC shows some pride give me OC +1 over GOB, final score 9-6 OC.

    Give me Les giving the 1, Les takes this 9-6.

    Snakes are terrible, give me BUI giving the 9, BUI takes it 15-0.

    TDYOB is too good for Hot Tamale and crew, give me TDYOB -5, I see TDYOB cruising 13-2.

    Another tough one, I think Y&B is smoke and mirrors. Give me Cape -1 the one for the 10-5 win.

    Easy money give me Yay! giving 7 for the 13-2 win.

    Keep it tight!

    Hands is overrated, a perenial doormat give me 5’Oclocks plus the 3; however, I see Hands taking the match 8-7.

    Tough one, Bowlderdash vs the Lovernauts. I’ll take Bowlder giving 1 for the 10-5 win.

    1. Not exactly sure if you have a grasp on the lines. If you say “give me OC +1 over GOB, final score 9-6 OC.” That means you think GOB will win 8-7, not OC 9-6. Nice try though.

      1. Tango, don’t be an idiot, they are saying they will take OC +1, as the line is GOB -1, that means if you take GOB you give a point to the other team, as GOB is the favorite. Then the person predicted that OC would win 9-6 straight up, but actually 10-5 with them getting a point. Don’t gamble dude, you clearly don’t have a grasp on lines.

  2. I will extend my bet this week as we didn’t get any payout.

    Anyone from Sweet Rolls who beats Dr. Thunder in any game tonight will be awarded one draft beer bought by me to be paid out next week.

    This will be the last week, cause I can’t afford all the beers I would have to buy BIB.

    1. Natro,

      I’ll help you out on this bet.

      I too will purchase one draft beer for anyone who beats Dr Thunder.

      And I might extend it to BIB.

      1. I won’t. You already get the benefit of Thunder not talking to you for the week if you beat him.

      2. Denying people beer makes this all the more fun, I am gonna straight up kill it tonight!

        Roll Bork!

      3. Roy,

        Yes, I will extend this to his teammates.

        Wait a second, I can see Dr Thunder tanking so his friends can drink.

        I will only extend this to you.

        You beat Dr Blunder, I will have a drink at the bar for you next week.

      4. Thunder Watcher you are going to lose beer, potentially, to Roy and no one else. I am 5-4 against Roy this year in league.

      5. Natro you owe Frenchie a beer 165-148 and Hot Tamale a beer 160-159.

        Thunder Watcher you owe the same two a beer and Roy Munson a beer 183-148.

        14-1 win!

        Roll Bork!

    2. Yo it was Swiss Cake 160-159. Beers to Frenchie Swiss Cake and Munson. Fun match Sweet Rolls. BIB coming to Thursday next week, tall order.

      Roll Bork!

  3. It won’t be long now till we are hanging out, drinking a few beers, and having a few laughs.

    Roll Bork!!!!!

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